Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Sydni Sleepover

Pretty flowers.
Pretty little girl.
(Fitting considering that Sydni's gets to be her soon-to-be Auntie Elsa's flower girl this weekend. :)
These kiddos have a pretty cool backyard complete with a custom playset built by their daddio. The weather was nice last night so we were able to spend some time outside.
"Sydni's" Bike.
Kolt anxious for his turn.
Time to come in and get ready for our sleepover!
Here's Sydni, so grown up in her top bunk.
Rough to be her, right?!
Besties. All ready for bed.
After 'votions [translation: devotions] it was up the ladder and off to Dreamland she went!
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our little Millie Girl!

Earlier this week, on Tuesday morning, May 17, in the middle of our homestudy meeting, I received a text. My phone was just feet from my fingertips yet, somehow, I resisted the urge to check it. After all, how rude would that be?!
Well, 10 minutes later my will power was exhausted. I could no longer resist the exciting news that I was sure was held captive inside my phone. I not-so-nonchalantly grabbed my phone, read the news and smiled the biggest ear-to-ear grin imaginable. It was Sis-In-Law Amy letting me know, as promised, that she'd been to the Dr. and that her water was scheduled to be broken within the hour. Immediately my mind went wild.
"It's Go Time!"
"Baby Girl is!"
"Why hadn't I finished packing the hospital bag I'd joked about for weeks?!"
Easily distracted, why yes I am!
But for a pretty legit reason, I'd say so!
Brian's and Erin's (our BCS lady) adoption talk brought me back to the matter at hand and I realized I still had a homestudy meeting to accomplish before I could ditch the hubs (somebody's gotta work! ;p ) and head for home.

I'm happy to report, our first homestudy meeting, despite my distracted state, went well and was very productive. Woot Woot for one more thing being crossed off our long list of adoption-related to-do's!

Before this anxious auntie knew it, her Sbux shifts for the next two days had been covered, her camera (the only thing that could not be forgotten) was in the car and she was headed north on I-5 blabbering happily to her Soul Friend about HOW EXCITED SHE WAS.
Side Note: Thanks Soul Friend, for ever so graciously taking one of my shifts on your day off. You're wonderful!

I arrived in Whatcom County at 4:15 and B-lined it, as usual, to Tessa's house. It's hard to stay away from that place, I'm always anxious to get back to my little people, the ranch, the country, the smells and sounds of the horses. It was good to be home but this time was different, everyone was antsy. Tess, SydniSue and I headed to Papa and Nana's for Tuesday night dinner while Bro-In-Law Brian and Kolter picked up Bozeman, Luke and Amy's sensitive doggie who had been home alone all day while his fam was at the hospital working on welcoming a new member. Just when everyone had arrived at Papa's and Nana's and we were about ready for dinner, Luke called. Baby Girl had been born, her name was Millie and we could come meet her. Dad, Mom and I performed the usual On-The-Way-To-The-Hospital-To-Meet-New-Baby Drill by stopping at Haggen to pick up flowers, candy and anything else that struck our fancy. The rest of the story is better told with a lot less wordiness on my part and a lot more "oooh's" and "aaah's" on yours...
Meet Millie Laine, my newest little love.

Day #2
Almost 24 hours old
Millie Girl,
You're cuter 'n all get out!
Welcome to the fam!
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