Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vegas, Baby!

On our way to Southern California we've made a little pit stop in Vegas to celebrate life as two, soon to be three. Prior to leaving home I told a friend how excited I was to get some sunshine on my blossoming self and my very white tummy. I was sure that knowing no one here would empower me. My friend made me promise to take a picture. She assured me, as a mother of three, that someday I would be glad I'd captured the moment. Upon donning my bikini this AM and catching a glimpse of myself in the hotel bathroom mirror, I was frightened. As it turns out, my temporary confidence was just that: very, very temporary...easily overthrown...gone.

Needless to say, we're definitely one-piecing it at the pool today. 

[32 weeks]
We're giving the phrase, "Vegas, Baby!" a whole new meaning. :)
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Home Fall-ified!

I've not been big into all the "Keep Calm" paraphernalia out there, but pumpkin spice lattes are my new obsession, so I caved when I came across this free printable at Vintage Dutch Girl.

Unfortunately I flubbed up when sizing/ordering this print from Costco. [See pixelation.] However, it's only a 5x7, which in the grand scheme of a mantel is very small. Plus, my eyes aren't perfect, so unless I stand very close I can't even tell. As for everyone else, including my hubs with his perfect-thanks-to-surgery vision, they'll just have to deal. :)

Amber glass. Fog-filled mornings. Crisp, cool air. Warm, spicy candles. 
Colorful, rustling leaves. Thick, bulky socks. Long sweaters & Leggings. 
Boots, Boots, & more Boots!
All things orange. Apple & Pumpkin Everything.
 Happy Heart.
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sleepover Shenanigans

Last night Tess and Sydni and Kolt joined us for a sleepover. With two babies on the way, our sleepovers are numbered so we're enjoying relaxing and appreciating the special times we're given together before there are two more. We ate pizza and wings for dinner and indulged in one of Grandma B's apple pies for dessert. We had some strange middle-of-the-night shenanigans including a big someone going outside to "fix" a window screen at 12:30 and a little someone falling out of bed a couple of hours later.

This morning we had monkey bread and pumpkin spice lattes for breakfast. 
(Phone pic.)
Then we played. 
Finally, with camera in hand, we went adventuring around our sweet little town. 
Prior to their departure, Tess and I snapped a prego sister picture. (This is for you, Mom VH.)
I am 32 weeks pregnant, Tess is 30 weeks.

Don't ask me where she puts that sweet baby girl. I can't figure it out. I had no idea two sisters could carry so differently. My Mr. has decided that Tessa's organs must be terribly smooshed considering how little she shows at 30 weeks. We're so excited to meet her baby and for BamBam and Baby Girl to be so close in age. They're going to be BEST FRIENDS. (Whether they like it or not. ;)
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BamBam's Crib Bedding: In the Works

BamBam's crib comforter is complete.
All the panels for the crib skirt have been cut, but still need to be sewed. 
Here's a sneak peak of more burnt orange goodness to come...
I recently used a painter's canvas drop cloth from Lowe's to sew a set of pleated curtains for BamBam's closet opening. They create a nice, neutral expanse in a room with a lot of pattern and color going on. I love the calm combo of the white door, cream trim, canvas curtains, and light grey walls.
(Phone pic.)

Also in the works are loveys to match Baby Girl and BamBam's comforters.
(We're hoping matching loveys will keep this round of kiddos from insisting on taking the entire comforter out of the crib, like Kolt does. :)
One by one, this mama-to-be continues checking to-do's off her lists. :)
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Baby Girl's Crib Bedding: Conquered

 My Grandma and I have been hard at work sewing baby bedding and I'm happy to report that my self-imposed deadline has been met. (Niece)Baby Girl's bedding is complete...and darling as ever. (If we do say so ourselves, huh, Grandma?!)
I love the chubby Bohemian elephants!
And the sweet ruffled edge. 
We used Kolt's crib comforter, which he considers an over-sized lovey that must go everywhere he goes, as our inspiration. If Baby Girl is anything like her big brother, Kolter, she's going to adore her comforter.
Oops, Grandma wasn't quite looking at the camera, but the point of the pic was to show off our then nearly finished creations. The ruffled crib skirt turned out pretty cute too. :)
Grandma Jane is the reason this project is complete. She has SKILLS, let me tell you. 

Grandma, thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience and time with me. Thank you for teaching me to sew as a girl and always being willing to guide me through my projects as well as the roadblocks along the way. ;) And thanks for being a night owl! Every time I run into a problem or question and think to myself, 'What time is it? Maybe it's too late to call...' I quickly remember it's you we're talking about and I get right on the phone knowing that no matter how late I stay up, you will have outlasted me. :) Lastly, but very importantly, thank you for our heating pad breaks throughout the process. This pregnant lady can only imagine how much more painful Sciatica would have been without those toasty recliner sits.
I think you're great and I'll love you forever, Grandma. :)
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dreamland: no longer 'Dreamy'

Good Morning, Friends. :)

Last night I dreamt I knew Lamar Odom. In fact, he came to my house. (We were friends. --???) He had come to WA after winning tickets to the Puyallup Fair. Somehow he ended up at my house and in the course of his stay I found him outside washing my windows.

Two nights again I had a graphic and disturbing nightmare. I'll spare you the details on that one. When I told the Mr. about it he told me that a dream interpreter would have a hey day with me. I can't explain the nightmare but last night's dream is, to me, quite easily explained. My personal interpretation of my own madness goes like this:
Yesterday morning while eating my Frosted Mini Wheats and dazing out the window, I pondered my nightmare. I was brought back to reality as my eyes came into focus and I realized how desperately my dining room window needs washing. Yesterday afternoon on the radio, tickets to see Tim McGraw at the Puyallup Fair were being given away. (Anytime Tim McGraw is mentioned my antennas are up. Too bad Tim McGraw didn't come to my house...) Finally, last night while sewing BamBam's crib skirt, Keeping Up with the Kardashians was playing on TV. Hence Lamar Odom, the Puyallup Fair, and window washing. :)

From trippy nightmares to celebrities washing my windows, where has my Dreamland gone?! When did peaceful slumber become filled with break-ins and guilt trips of the household tasks that still need completing? Has anyone else's Dreamland gone south during pregnancy also?
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Blueberry Pickin'

This week I was invited blueberry picking with my new friend, Laura, and her littles.

The sun was out, the setting was breathtaking, the babes were beautiful, and the berries were delicious! 

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Men+Babies and why I need a clone

I've always had a thing for observing other people holding babies. On occasions in the past, when offered an opportunity to hold someone's baby, I have accepted only to shortly after hand the babe to someone else. I do this not because I don't love a good baby snuggle, but because sometimes there just isn't anything like watching someone else love on a little. This is especially true of men. Watching a man love on a baby...oh my, I haven't words.
My previous post combined with Brian's longing to meet our baby has in turn left me longing to watch Brian with our babe. I'm thinking other women must feel this way also, but I can hardly wait to sit back and watch Brian hold our baby for the first time.

I'm not one for trying to copy pictures, but I am a little obsessed with this one. 
It is plain to see (despite her being out of focus in the background) that in this moment this mama identified with what I'm talking about.

My family loves to laugh at how badly I want photos taken in the delivery room. They have tried to assure me that it's amazing, beautiful, indescribable, but in such a way that is frozen in your memory forever, not in a way that you want photographed. I've tried to believe them. Maybe I just don't get it. Maybe you can't get it until you go through it, but part of me still freaks out every time I realize that there won't be anyone present to capture our family becoming three and bonding for the first time. Am I odd (and alone), or has anyone else felt this way?

I'm left to wonder who will take a picture like the one above for me? No one, I guess.

I need a clone...
(Surely that would solve all my problems, right? ;)
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