Wednesday, March 28, 2012

About Our Adoption...

We're gearing up for our Adoption Sale on April 21.
Spread the word and mark your calendars!
We hope to see you there!
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Micah's 1st In N Out and Meeting Baby Ryan

On Valentine's Day, Brian's cousin/my phone buddy, Jill, and her husband Ken had their first baby. A little love child named Ryan. (Well, actually he was a noteworthy 10 lbs. Applause for Mama Jill on a big job well done!) We were able to meet him and I had the joy of photographing him while in California.
To see Ryan's newborn photos follow the link to my other blog...

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Micah and the Grapefruit

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Meeting Micah

Two Januaries ago, Brian's sister, Julie, gave birth to the first grand baby on Brian's side of the family. We spent 13 months always hearing about the little guy but never knowing him, or even having seen him. That all changed when mr. Micah and his mama came to CA while we were there. 

At first, he refused to walk, but then he became more comfortable.
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A day in Pasadena

We dropped by Providence Christian College and were given a tour of the "new" campus. (New since we attended, at least.) We gawked at the beautiful houses surrounding The Rose Bowl, shopped on Colorado Ave, and went to dinner with a few of our college friends who remain in the area.
Brian and I, Adrian and Rach, and Lorah
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sailing out of Long Beach

My first time sailing in Whooosh, Brian's Dad's sailboat.

It was windy...
...and bright.
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Thawing out at Huntington Beach

Our first full day of vaca in Southern California was spent at Huntington Beach, 
just Brian and I. It was the perfect day getaway.
For my birthday, before leaving for CA, I was treated to the most thorough pedi of my life. Two full hours of foot pampering with my mom and sister produced a happy me and some pretty rockin' flip flop-ready peacock toenails. 
(Don't mind the fact that I forgot to pack flip flops for 10 days in the sunshine. 
Fortunate for me, I have a nice mother in law with a similar shoe size.)

Two Escalades on the beach is a rare sight. 
Watching a Ford van pull out an Escalade, even more random...
Love, love, love this bright, white cottage.
I'd never before seen a peaked roof paired with a pergola. 
It's perfect! Why hadn't I thought of this?
Dad, please add one of these off the back end of my house. Thanks! ;)
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