Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Once was Home... better revisited as vacation.

After moving away three months ago, I was able to go back to Portland for a weekend. I had forgotten how much I like it there! I didn't love living there but going back for fun, now that's a whole new story.
I had missed all of the free bird, organic-loving bicyclists, the incredible food, my favorite coffeeshop, Thatchers, my Sbux buddies, and my Soul Friend, Sam. It was a fabulous, fast weekend and I loved every second of it.

Dinner at McMenamin's in St. Johns with Sam's Mom and Grandma Honey.

Reunion with friends from Starbucks in The Couve
Lovely friends, Lia and Katrina, through the good times and the bad. 
I miss you two and I am thinking of you...

Reunion with friends from 
Starbucks on The Island of Crazy Floating-Home People
(They aren't crazy, our customers were. ;)
Lovely friend, Lisa (with kiddos Mia and Suther), and Soul Friend, Sam.
You mean so much to me! I miss you both! You are the good that came out of that bonkers store. :)

Sam and I went downtown to drink chocolate.
We ordered the perfect trio: 
1 Milk Chocolate
1 Dark Chocolate
1 with Cayenne Pepper
Oh my goodness, I don't have words...
Sam, I'll never forget the day we drank chocolate for lunch.
Portland, I like you.
I can't wait to visit again soon!
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sydni's Surprise Sleepover

On our first morning together, much to my chagrin, SydniSueWho woke up 5:00am. Of course I was thrilled to see her, but I could have gone for another hour or two of sleep... On morning #2 she slept longer. Both mornings she wandered into my room, climbed up into my bed for a snuggle fest (that lasted no more than a few minutes) and then quickly informed me that it was breakfast time. 
Getting dressed turned into an invasion of Auntie Meg's closet/dresser/armoire and a very accessorized dress-up session.
We called home to see how Kolter was doing without his 'Mama Sydni.'
With tags still attached, we somersaulted off the furniture.
We went for a walk.
And played in the park.
Two Christmases ago, shortly after Brian and I had chosen to adopt, Auntie Tess and Uncle[bro-in-law]Brian gave this puzzle to our future Baby. Sydni did the honors of assembling it for the first time. And she did so all by her 4-year-old self. I was so proud, not to mention impressed!
Tess, don't mind her messy face. We are girls, powered by chocolate. :)

Upon remembering that it was Valentine's Day, Sydni suggested that we have a special treat to celebrate. In true Mr. style, Uncle Bri broke out the ice cream and made her a special, just-for-Sydni Sundae. Watching her enjoy it-every drop of it-was dessert enough for us. :)

Sydni was in her silliest state throughout her stay at our house. 
Following are a few quotes that I couldn't help but record either because they were so odd, so confusing, or so entertaining...

***Tessa's last words to Sydni as she went out the door with Nana and Kolter were, "Be good for Auntie Meg, No watching more than one TV show per day, Love you, Nigh-Night!" Not 2 seconds after the front door closed and before Tess was off my front porch, Sydni exclaimed, "Let's watch some TV!"

***Reading 'Big Blue Truck' and admiring the illustrations: "They really did a good job staying in the lines! That must mean that a mommy or a daddy drew these pictures..." 
***Later on, part way through 'Big Blue Truck': "I really like this book b/c I never 'readed' it, so I had no idea it would be so pretty!" 
                    Thanks Aunt Barb, for the great nursery reading material! That book 
is all the rage according to Sydni and Moses.

***While looking at a pic of me on the waterfront in Portland: "Are you at a hotel at your house?" I'm still confused by that one...

***"You're my 'favoritest' Auntie Meg ever!"

***During a morning snuggle session with Finn and Auntie Meg: 
To Finn: "Kitty! Kitty! Kitty!"
To me: "He kind of looks like a 'wabbit'..."
To Finn: "Oh, you're such a cute baby!"
Me to Sydni: "Actually, he's a dog."

***Playing dress up in Auntie Meg's closet and insisting that everything fit "just right," Sydni thrust both hands out from her mouth and exclaimed: "This is how I 'throw' hugs!" (Instead of kisses)

***Rolling around on the floor like a puppy and speaking in high-pitched jibberish: "Auntie Meg, kick my leg very hard! I like it!" I remain confused...

***"Auntie Meg, are you ready to go?" Me [still in my yoga pants]: "No, I haven't even gotten dressed yet." Sydni: "Get your bra on and go!" Don't ask me where she came up with that, or why she thought I was bra-less?! Maybe it's time to invest in some better support?! HAHA!
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hearts, Hugs and a Birthday Surprise

Each year, starting when I was a child and continuing on, my birthday (being the day before Valentine's Day) has been infused with this world's physical signs of love. From heart confetti to teddy bears grasping red velvet hearts lined with lace trim exclaiming, "Hold Me," "Hug Me," "Love Me!"
This year our attempt at avoiding such traditions consisted of felt, yarn, and less typical colors.

Our Quick 'n Easy Valentine's Mantles:

Speaking of Love Day, we received these adorable mugs in the mail from Mr.'s Mom as a housewarming gift. I love them! Thanks so much!

*          *          *

Sunday, the day before my birthday, my Aunt Barb came to spend a few hours with me. We enjoyed a yummy, lingering lunch (my favorite!) followed by a beautiful birthday dessert provided by Barb. She even brought me a big pot of primroses and tulips for my front porch!

On my actual birthday, for the first time in my life, I had no plans.
Each time someone asked me, I couldn't come up with a thing. My day would consist of staying at home by myself and doing normal day-to-day things (or so I thought.) My dad told me it sounded like I was getting old. He then added that that was okay. :) My mom offered to drive down for the day but because Brian and I were going north just days later, I reassured her that it wasn't necessary. I told her that I'd take a birthday "rain check" and that maybe next year she could come. I had every intention of enjoying my day, despite it's mundane potential, and looking forward to the next when hopefully I would have a little someone to spend it with. 

But low and behold, I had visitors after all! My mom, Tess, SydniSue and Kolter changed their minds, jumped in the car and headed down to spend my birthday with me. 
It was pretty exciting. 
We had an amazing lunch and my mom brought chocolate cheesecake for dessert. Sydni insisted that my cake needed candles. You wouldn't believe the disappointment on her face when I told her I had none. 
They brought with them hugs, giggles and a whole lot of energy. When it came time for them to go, Sydni and I weren't ready to part. As mentioned before, Brian and I were heading north in just a matter of days, so we decided that it would be no big deal for Sydni to stay.

Before they left Sydni shot this picture of us with my camera. It was all she could do to hold it up. :)
When Uncle Bri got home we went to Red Robin for a birthday dinner.
After dinner we went to Costco to buy Sydni some PJ's for our unplanned sleepover. We picked up some crazy-fun leggings and a romper too! 
(Auntie Meg had plans of photographable fun to take place the next morning.)

Happy 23rd Birthday to Me! I am blessed

More documentation of our Two Day Sleep Over is soon to come...
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Latest off The Ranch

Back when we still had snow on the ground, I spent a day at Circle K. Tagging along with Tess on the ranch is one of my favorite things to do, getting to truck around with her littles makes it even better. Kolt is still most interested in playing with in the water but Sydni's developed quite a little work ethic. Feeding grain is a chore she's had mastered for a couple of years now. Her newest task: cleaning two water buckets per day.
She's a cheerful little worker!
Keep up the good work, SydniSueWho!
Beautiful babes, not so babyish anymore.
In fact, yesterday KOLTER turned TWO!!!
Happy Birthday, you scrunchy-nosed, sweet-voiced, papa lovin', "truck!" exclaiming, guy!
We love you!
We're so excited for your and Sydni's big birthday bash in the barn!
See you two next week!
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