Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Welcome, Sanders!

Born on his due date, Tuesday, November 20, at 11:46pm, our not-so-little Sanders Liam weighed in at 9lbs 9oz and measured 22in long. With him came so much joy, more than we can begin to describe.

Sanders, we love, love, love you! It's been a week since you arrived and we still can't believe God gave you to us! We are grateful every day for the overwhelming gift of you, our "Little Big." :)

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blessed to be Bumpin' It.39 Weeks

As you can see, we have a plenty big business going on. 
"Okay Babes, you can come now!" 
I keep wanting to coax this kid out but when I consider his/her current environment, I can't quite bring myself to say the things I'm tempted to. I want to tell BamBam that it's a big, beautiful world out here, but when I consider the perfect bubble that he/she is currently living in... Well, the big, bad world seems kind of cold. Sure, my arms are ready and we've been given more cute and cozy blankets than I can count, so warmth won't be a problem. Still though, the bubble inside my ever-growing tummy is just so perfectly regulated. As much as I want this baby out, who am I to argue with the comforts of the womb? 
Brian disagrees completely. He thinks it's plenty nice "out here" and he just can't understand why BamBam won't join us. Each day prior to leaving for work he asks the distance between my contractions. Upon hearing my always varying answers he looks at me as if I'm not telling him the truth and says "What do you mean they're not real?!" Someone is a tad bit excited to be a daddy... :)


We are ready for you. We can hardly wait to see your face! Are your lips really so baby bird-ish, or were you just being a little ham? We're so excited to find out. Come play with us! 

Your Anxious Mama

PS I know I said I was prepared to go over, but I changed my mind. Don't you dare go overdue, you little stinker! My mama heart doesn't think it could handle it...

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ready As We'll Be.

This past Thursday we went in for a growth ultrasound. Today was my 38 week appointment. We were anxious for our Dr.'s feedback as well as to hear if "things" are progressing. Life isn't as comfortable as it once was and the thought of meeting our baby (aka having this baby out) is growing significantly more glamorous with each passing day.

My belly button is as inside out and "outie" as a belly button can be. The nursery is in order. The birthing ball is my new chair. (Bouncing is the new sitting.) Our bedroom has been rearranged to allow the cradle within arm's reach. The lens has been ordered. (Thank you, Hubs!!!) The hospital bags are packed. The car seat is installed. 

Of course, there is more that could be done. More meals could be stockpiled. More diapers could be purchased. There are a few lingering sewing projects and, I'm sure, more Finn hair that could be vacuumed and mopped from the trim. But we are officially as ready as we can be.
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