Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I've been doing some things...

Because we are facing the possbility of yet another move in our near future, I've been doing some things...things that aren't fun to do. Atleast not if you're me and you prefer residing in Meganville over living in reality. This past weekend I had Brian bring home some boxes from work. I completed a closet cleanse. I cleaned out a wreck of an office dresser. I cleaned/organized our clothes dresser. (Fortunately this dresser wasn't as bad as the first.) I've even started a to-be-donated pile...which has grown into multiple piles. Mmm, progress! (Mom, you ought to be proud!) Brian even told me he was going to help by tackling one of the filing cabinets. I was thrilled! BUT did he do this to make our possible move easier? Yeah right. Rather, he was motivated by a problem, there was paperwork inside that needed to be located. I wasn't aware that "filed' papers could require such effort to locate but that was before I saw what filing meant to Brian.

I was so baffled when I saw the contents of the below filing cabinet that I went to get my camera. Blog post inspiration! How he managed to look a little proud [PROUD!] in this pic,  I'll never understand...
In addition to our our joint attempt at organization, we went to Costco to pick up a bunch of pictures I had printed. It didn't help the cause of cleaning, organizing and minimizing. In fact it created a new problem, I now have more pictures than I know what to do with. At  first I was determined to place them throughout the house without having to purchase anything additional in which to display them. I even resorted to pasting them in Brian's "classroom," on his beloved iMac.
But eventually I ran out of options and the unruly voice within me chimed, "Just go shopping, maybe you'll find some irresistible frames that need a cozy home." "Oh, but I shouldn't," I replied, "that would only undo what I've already done." It's the same every time so I try to resist the temptation. Once I see them and decide they're perfect, I never have the heart to leave them on those cold, heartless shelves surrounded by all the other shivering frames longing for a happy home. Oh c'mon, I had to have something to look forward to through all_this_cleaning! So yes, we went shopping and yes, I bought more frames. What can I say, this frame fetish is really something, it leaves me practically powerless. But it's ok because now my pictures are happily showcased in their newly adopted frames and our next home will simply have MORE FRAMES! Oh, and one of them is a the hubs can't hold that one against me. :)

Blog post Summary:
Let's be real, my house isn't always this under control...
 Right now it looks more like this...
As you can see, dusting joins filing on the list of Things We Dread To Do.
The good news is that my closet looks like this...
...while Brian's looks like this...
I think it's safe to say, he's got some catching up to do. ;p
I'm just thankful it has a door so I can shut it if I don't want to look at the inside...that is, if it will even shut... :S

The finished result:
Two dressers, one closet, and one filing cabinet have been conquered.
One batch of newly printed pics and a few new frames have been purchased.
In Meganville, this adds up to 4 extra large steps forward and some might say, 2 itsy bitsy steps backward. Not so bad, if you ask me.
Our house is now cleaner, better organized and cuter than it was just last week. Go Us!
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  1. YAY!! I love guys are so darn cute. I love reading your blog soul friend!

  2. Proud of the organization there Meg! (and Brian - couldn't forget Mr. file organizer himself) :)
    So funny! It's lookin' cute over there!
    So excited to see you guys next week!