Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Without any Warning...

Yesterday Brian and I found ourselves in, lets just call it,
a sit.u.ation,
when without any warning, a huge tree branch gave way with our car as its target.

 Unfortunate for us, it had good aim...

Here's the link to the article in The Columbian.

I'm bummed that I didn't have my camera to better have captured the craziness.
Cell phone pics will just have to do...

Note: All these pictures were taken after the tree was moved out of the street and [mostly] off our car in order to allow Brian access out of the car.

I had just clocked off at work and was standing in line waiting to order a beverage for the road. I glanced out the window and saw my car parked across the street. I smiled to myself knowing that Brian and my pups were inside, patiently waiting to pick me up. "How sweet!", I thought. Less than a minute later, as I walked toward the bar to wait for my drink, I glanced out the window again and saw this...
What in the world?!
"Man, I must be tired!", I thought.
I did a double take.
Yes, in fact, there was tree. On top of my car.
Now, this picture is deceiving. Let me assure you, just moments after it happened Brian wasn't just standing on the sidewalk looking calm. No, no, instead, 8th street in downtown 'Couve was mayhem. People shouting and running everywhere.

The circle on the right is outlining my car. As you can see, we're serious when we say H.U.G.E branch.
Once again, big branch, makes my car look tiny.
The lady from the City, taking a look at the tree.
This tree spells TROUBLE.
Something like an hour later, a random City employee stumbled upon our situation. He ever-so-slowly got out of his truck, took a moment to ponder, and then proceeded to place cones around the branch. I thought, "Really, Buddy?! You may have missed it at the time of action, but it'd be pretty hard not to notice the mess we've got going on now..."
Little Bummer.
My antenna is no longer.
Big Bummer.
The roof of our car is dented.
Althought the verdict has yet to be declared, the city says it will most likely be determined an act of [some say]God/[some say]nature.
It all depends on who you talk to.
Gotta love how random moments like these bring out people's world view...
After a couple hours of standing next our dirty, damaged Passat we were able to leave. We were still a bit stunned so we circled around and took one last look before leaving the scene and finally heading for home.
This situation of ours, it's a bummer.
We're still stunned that it happened but we're so very thankful that it didn't turn out worse.
Praise God from whom all blessing flow!
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  1. SO wild and crazy! You just never know!
    So glad everyone's OK!
    Hopefully Brian doesn't have any sort of post trauma. Horrible dreams of trees getting him... or inability to park under trees for the rest of his life without a panic attack ensuing...:)

  2. So thankful that you guys are ok... a bummer, but at least it was just metal!:)

  3. Don't worry Tess, I won't be panicing when I park under trees, because I am NO LONGER EVER EVER going to park under large trees. If branch is large enough to fall on me and kill me, I WILL NOT PARK UNDER IT!!! They are DANGEROUS!!! :)