Monday, August 8, 2011

2011 Annual Family Camping Trip

To us, Camping Is...
.Reeeally good food.
Below was our biggest and baddest concoction.
[Homemade] Spicy "Lil Smokie" Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers
[Kid Friendly] Fancy Sundried Tomato Mac 'n Cheese
Also on our menu (but not pictured) :
Buffalo-style boneless wild wings,
...And yes, I know it's spelled 'bruschetta' but in Meganville bruschetta has been upgraded to BROschetta, which involves spicy sausage, therefore making it manly...for all the bros in the vicinity. :)
.Boys doing whatever it is that boys do.
.Team Work.
.more Reeeally Good Food.
.One sock on, one sock off.
.BIG stories.
.Moses aka The Boy Named Spot.
.Poor Man's Mochas.
.Floating Wagon Rides.
.Sandy Contentment.
.Hark Work.
.Bedtime Stories.
.Sleepless Babes.
.Late Night Laughs.
.Bike Rides.
.Runaway Babes.
.Multi Tasking.
.Boss Lady Sydni.
.Safety First.
.Water Fights with Papi.
.Outdoor [Kiddie Pool] Baths.
.Lady's Luncheon.
.even more Reeeally Good Food.
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  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time! Thanks for sharing....and wow- that is a whole new level of camping food!!

  2. Ohhh... the fun of camping! Makes me want to go again... right now! :) Great pics Meg!

  3. O my! I love your pictures soooo much! Looks like a wonderful time with family!