Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fist Sucking.

This is Sanders' most common and most successful form of self soothing right now. The sound of him sucking is what wakes me every morning. Sanders usually can't quite get the fingers he desires in his mouth and his plug gets lost in his crib, so he just sucks on what he can find: his entire fist. :)
For some strange, unknown reason Sanders woke up shortly after 3:00a this morning. He hasn't woken up to eat during the night for more than a month so something about it was actually kind of fun. I know, I know, strange. (You know you're well rested when seeing 3am is "fun" and "cute.") He proceeded patiently to suck his fist without so much as one cry until 3:30 when I retrieved him from his crib to feed him.

I've hated every alarm clock in my life, but that was before this one came along. Waking up to Sanders' sucking sounds is the sweetest thing! It's funny what will warm a mama's heart...

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  1. Oh man, he's going to town on that hand. :) So cute!!!

  2. He is so cute!!! Kolt's going to watch this video clip a lot this morning I can tell. He likes to watch it in the full screen version. :) We love you Sanders!

  3. That is some serious fist sucking going on there little guy!! Love the sound effects too!! Sanders, you are quite the little man!!!