Friday, November 15, 2013

Blogland Beckoned, I Reckon

For some really cool reasons I have made my way back to this, my wedge, my itsy bitsy corner of the web, to share with anyone still willing to read, or rather view, why life is beautiful these days.

1.) I'm pregnant! Again(!)

2.) I survived the first trimester! It surprised me by being more challenging this go round than it was with mr. Sanders so I feel it necessary to celebrate my return to functional humanity.

3.) My "baby," although far less babyish these days, has turned one.

4.) Before I realize I've blinked, I'll be keeping up with two littles and if I can't keep up documenting one, then, well...

5.) I'm anticipating what God has in store for us with much excitement but embracing today for the gift that it is.

Which is why it is my goal to go back through my little family's photos and begin to recap life (in abbreviated form) since I fell behind. Doing so is going to allow me the thrill of reliving and "re-loving" it all, from little moments when my camera happened to be handy, to many of Sanders' milestones.

Follow along, if you'd like. :)

* It's an understatement to say I'm an inconsistent blogger so if you're interested in catching updates as I'm able to post, be sure to subscribe! (See upper left column.)

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  1. This was a fun surprise to find tonight! :-)

  2. Looking forward to your beautiful pic's & amusing antics!