Friday, May 23, 2014

Introducing... ms. Winslet Leone

On Sunday, May 11th at 4:44am we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Winslet. (I still can't believe our Neutral Number Two is "a she!")
Birth story to follow...Hopefully soonish...

Meeting my girl with sweet, sweet relief and overwhelming joy.

Daddy's little girl!

My Dad and Mom, beside themselves with excitement. :)

My nurse's name was Megan! So grateful to her for helping me (a very scared me) through a drug-free l&d.
The moment The Colonel became a big brother.

Auntie Tess, cousins Kolter, Sydni and Letty.

Itsy bitsy, adorable things for Winslet from those who love her dearly.

"The Great North Wet." So perfect.

Gma Jane

Gma B and Gpa Lawrence. Mother's Day EVER.

It was only fitting that Auntie Tess would be the one to dress Winslet for the first time.

Thanks so much, Aunt Barb, for taking a handful of photos for us!

My friend, Amanda, who works in the maternity ward made our night in the hospital a pretty plush experience. 

Our family of FOUR!

"Wait. Mom? We're not taking this thing home, are we?!"
Reality setting in...

All ready to go in her car seat that suddenly seemed so big!

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  1. Loved getting to revisit this wonderful day, Meg! Winslet, you are such a lovely gift. Congrats again to Bri, Meg and Sanders! We know you are loving and cherishing this new addition!

  2. What a beautiful little gift from the Lord you and Brian have been given. Although I wasn't able to be a part of this special day, I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend the past week with your precious little family. God is so good!!

  3. Congratulations!! So fun to see all these pictures!! What a little cutie!! Hope all is going well!! Can't wait to meet her one of these days!!!