Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oh, Baby!

With that said, we realize that 
everything could change in the blink of an eye.
Still, we are joyful.

Here's the story...
On Friday, February 10, we received a call from our case worker saying that we had been chosen by a birth mom.
On Friday, March 9, we, along with our caseworker, met Birth Mom, Birth Dad, birth mom's grandparents and their pregnancy counselor for dinner. We enjoyed over an hour and a half of good conversation and delicious Italian food.
Today, exactly two months since originally hearing about our prospective Baby, I had the pleasure of attending Baby's 20 week ultrasound. Birth Dad and Birth Grandma were present too.

We listened to Baby's heartbeat, heard all of Baby's measurements, and watched Baby wiggle about. Baby is healthy and appears to love sitting with his/her ankles crossed, just like his/her Birth Mama. :) Being there, as potential adoptive mama, was an incredible privilege, one I'll never forget.

Brian and I don't love having to remain so guarded, but due to Birth Mom and Birth Dad's circumstances it is necessary. We can't wait to celebrate fully but for now we are happy and we hope that our family and friends can join in our excitement. 

To all who inquired about our adoption over the last two months, and to whom we replied, 'Yep, still waiting...' : Thank you for caring enough to ask, we appreciate you, we really do! We apologize for holding out on you but thought it necessary to wait until at least our second meeting with Birth Mom, before sharing our news. We have no control in this situation and the birth parents may change their minds, but we know that God has brought us together for a reason and for that we give Him praise. We are thankful that these two (soon to be three) are in our life and we look forward to seeing where this journey takes us.

Please pray for Birth Mom and Birth Dad, and pray for Baby. And if you have a prayer left, pray for Brian and I as we prepare for whatever God has in store for our future!

[Hoping to someday get to call this kiddo something far cuter than 'Baby'...]
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  1. So happy and thankful that today went well! Also thrilled we can share your exciting news now! We continue to keep all of you close in our thoughts and prayers. Just got home from watching the movie "October Baby". Powerful story and message about adoption and the mixed emotions and amazing love involved. May God bless all of you as you go through the next number of months and see His good and perfect plan revealed. We are SO excited!!!

  2. Wow... what an amazing thing to be a part of, Megan! This is OH-SO EXCITING! I will definitely pray for the birth mom and dad, as well as for you and Brian as you wait... what a mix of anxiousness and excitement!
    "For I know the plans I have for you..."

  3. We are so excited for you both! We cannot wait for this addition to our family! Micah is very excited for a Vanden Heuvel cousin! :) You and the birth parents and your little peanut are in our prayers daily! We love you guys!!!

  4. This auntie is Ex-ci-ted! :) Walking this journey with you is most definitely a roller coaster, Meg. I am blessed to walk it with you. You walk it with a grace and peace that can only come from above. Our prayers are always with you guys and the birth family, and we know that God will hold you all in His hands as He works out His plan.

  5. YAY!!!!! We are so excited for you guys!!! You all have been and will be in our prayers as you anticipate your new arrival!!! We love you both and can't wait to meet our new little nephew/niece!

  6. Congrats to both of you!!! How exciting!!! And scary at the same time I am sure. We will be praying that everything works out in God's plan and timing and that you both will be blessed!

  7. Oh, you have me crying...Dad & I are so excited for a new grandbaby and to see you & Brian with a little one to love.
    You have an amazing heart, Megan. May God continue to fill you with His peace & joy in these coming months.