Monday, April 30, 2012

The Sale

The day of the sale was a busy, beautiful day!
We happily welcomed our first early birds at 7am and from there the traffic flow continued. The pictures I ended up with from Friday and Saturday are very random because when anything interesting was going on the last thing any of us were thinking was, 'Oh, take a picture!' But I did end up with photos of some of our biggest helpers...

Thank you Amy, Jen, and Becca for spending Friday pricing, organizing and helping get ready for Saturday.
Thank you, Linds, for putting your expertise to use ;) and painting all of our road signs!
Sydni, best friend Kendra, and little brothers Kolt and Isaac helped in their own way by entertaining themselves.
Despite how it appears, the guys honestly did a lot more than sit around, but the image of them lounging so comfortably in the middle of the driveway on a couch that read $10...priceless.
Brian manned the grill for lunch.
Following lunch things slowed way down, so we all sat and enjoyed the sunshine. :)

Thank you to everyone who so generously demonstrated their support. The donations, helping hands, and large turnout were overwhelming and we are so grateful. A super special thanks to my sister and my mom. Without them the sale would have never happened. Thank you, every one of you, for blessing us! 
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