Sunday, June 9, 2013

Musings from Mommyland.

This past week my MIL came for a few days to have herself a little "Sanders fix." :) While she was here it was brought to my attention that blog updates from Meganville have been missed by several, if not more. ..."Really?!", I thought to myself. "People actually miss whatever it was I used to post?" (After wracking my brain to remember my last posts, I couldn't. I had to look them up! I guess that's how long it's been. :S ) I'm flattered that there are those who care to know and see what's going on in our little world enough to express that they miss the glimpses of life documented here. 
But I'm overwhelmed. 
See, I didn't make a conscious decision to quit blogging. Rather, I simply stopped making time for it and by the time I noticed how far behind I had fallen, the thought of catching up was too overwhelming. Now here I sit, nearly 6 1/2 months into motherhood wondering where to begin again.

Nothing has taught me more about life and myself, as becoming a mother. It's a rich, full life; one in which the teaching, but more importantly the being taught, never ends. 

One of the things I'm learning that relates to this, my blog, is that sometimes a little has to be enough. There isn't always time to take photos, edit photos, write, edit my writing, possibly rewrite what I had written, compile it into a blog, and post. Life as a lady with shtuff to do, means getting shtuff done by means of prioritizing. I don't regret my several month blogging sabbatical. I've been caught up in the wonderment of life with a baby and I would have it absolutely no other way, but I'm a forgetful soul and I don't want to forget life's sweet, short this is me saying, 

"Hello again, Blogland. 
I think it is indeed nice to be back."

I'm returning with a fresh perspective. I'm not making any promises but I look forward to posting proof, however brief a post may be, that my world has blossomed into something well worth sharing. 

Until next time, hopefully soon, thanks for caring to drop by.
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    1. Thanks, Julie! Don't expect anything as routine as your blogging regimen to come from Meganville! Life's too "creatively inspired" around here to be so predictable. :)