Saturday, February 23, 2013

Couldn't live without.

Okay, so if we lived in a cave way back when I'm sure we could have made due without the following things, but we don't live in a cave. In fact, we really like modern conveniences. Therefore, these are the things that have made the first few months of life with our little man easier, lovelier, and more functional...

Monitor --Angelcare
We had some complications with our monitor but eventually we realized the false alarms were due to our own operator errors. I now realize, looking back, how silly it was that I lost sleep over false alarms and middle-of-the night research sessions spent wondering if Sanders had sleep apnea. All the while the problem was that I had the monitor too close to the crib. (It requires a specific distance in order to work correctly.) As it turns out, sleep is far more beautiful a thing than perfectly centered monitor placement. ;P
Diapers --Pampers Swaddlers They're the best.
Nursing Bra --Basics by Bravado These babies are handy.
Nursing Pads --Lansinoh These are life savers, especially for over-producing "mama cows" such as myself.
Nursing Cream --Lansinoh Lanolin I keep a tube on my nightstand, a tube in the diaper bag, and tube in my pump bag, and I use them all. I use it every day and it keeps me going.
Breast Pump --Medela Due to breastfeeding complications there was a month (or more) where Sanders continued getting my "liquid gold" :) thanks to this pump. I continue to use it to stockpile for the future and to have on hand for times when breastfeeding is inconvenient. I'm so thankful for my pump!
Nursing Pillow --My Brest Friend Sanders loves this pillow. We use it for every feeding. I love the back support and the fact that he's ultra comfortable so he eats really well. 
Bottles --Dr. Browns 
Swaddles --SwaddleMe, Aden & Anais We found SwaddleMe's really convenient when Sanders was brand new. He quickly outgrew the ones we had and before we bought the next size we noticed him starting to sooth himself with his hands and fingers, which is why we switched to putting him in sleepers and wrapping him more loosely in Aden and Anais swaddles. (Now, at 3+ months he wears sleep sacks to bed.)
Pacifier --Sanders' chosen plug was made by Born Free.
Bouncer Seat & Infant-to-Toddler Rocker --Fisher Price Sanders refused at first to sleep on a flat surface so he spent his nights (and naps) in his bouncer. He quickly weighed it down though, which is when we discovered his cousin Millie's rocker. (Like the bouncer, it vibrates too!) Thanks [sis-in-law]Amy for letting us borrow Mill's rocker. We love it and use it every day.
Take Along Swing --Fisher Price Two swings were donated to our adoption sale last year. At the time we were planning on two babies, so I kept both swings. I tried on and off to use the full sized swing but it always seemed too upright for Sanders. One day I had an itch to get outside and do the first yard work of the year. I remembered the other little swing which we had folded up and tucked away in the garage. It's tiny, collapsible, comfortable for Sanders, and it has a handle, so it's capable of going everywhere I go, even outside. It's my new favorite "tool." I no longer see why big swings are necessary when you could have this tiny, super functional, convenient swing. It costs less and it literally takes up about 1/5th the amount of room as the other swing. 
Burp Cloths
Freezer Meals :)
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