Friday, July 9, 2010

Heat Wave Handled

By noon today I couldn't bear the heat knowing that there was an AC unit stowed away in the garage. I talked to Brian on the phone and mentioned casually that maybe I would just reinstall it. I said "maybe" because I didn't know if I'd be able to figure it out or even lift it, at that. I could hear the doubt in his voice as he said, "I dunno, it's pretty heavy." I decided I'd better put on an old shirt because I remembered the outdoor portion being pret-ty nasty dirty and I like to avoid getting my stomach blackened by someone else's old dirt. I've already OD'd on cold showers, wouldn't want a legit reason to waste more water. (Yes, there you have it, I've spent the last 24 hrs. in a bikini. You might also if you'd done all you could think of and your house remained at 88 degrees inside...especially when you're used to temperatures requiring fluffy slippers!)
So I trekked out to the garage even though I don't like it out there. (It's super smelly, gross, and kind of mysterious aka it gives me the eebie geebies.) I walked straight up to that bugger, bent down and with much confidence gave it a big heft.


"Mind over matter, Megan; lift w/ your legs not with your back." On the phone I'd made a joke to Brian abt calling him if I found myself pinned beneath it and still able to reach my phone. Suddenly the funny in that joke was gone. "Oh no," I thought, "what if that really does happen?!" But no worries, people, my 3rd try really was a charm! I staggered out of the garage, under the carport, struggled with the backdoor but somehow managed, and even made it all the way through the house w/o so much as a rest. You know that feeling when, say, you're moving a piece of furniture and uncontrollable laughter bubbles up unexpectantly from within you? Suddenly you can't quit laughing even though you're not sure what's funny. And there it goes, your strength melts away like muscles turning to mush. Truthfully, I didn't allow myself a rest because I feared the laughs would dominate and I'd be left without enough energy to muster a 4th attempt at picking it up.
So there we were, myself, Finn (my ever-so-intent supervisor), and Mr. AC (hopefully about to save the day.) I don't really know how it all worked out but we now have AC and I didn't even have to recruit the neighbor man!

I sent Brian a picture text and told him that I was either very, very strong or very, very hot!
I don't much fancy the way it looks but boy, does it ever serve a purpose...a purpose that keeps me sane, keeps my clothes on, and makes me smile! :]

PS Don't mind my pictureless picture frame...I'm workin' on determining which of my pics is brilliant enough to be enlarged to such a degree.
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  1. Wow! You go girl. It's impressive the things you can accomplish when you're desperate, eh!?! By the way, Brian's looking over my shoulder and he can't imagine why you ever would have taken such a "nice, new" window unit like that out in the first place. MEN...

  2. Ha... "MEN!" ...I love that you get it. :)

  3. Yuck for hot nasty weather... nice job on fixing the problem. I'm so proud, although I'm quite sure I had nothing to do with your mr-fix-it skills. I'm proud all the same though.

  4. yah....I am quite grateful for the window-opening-at night-fix thing. It was 93 outside the other day and 78 inside! Such a huge difference! I will be sure to consider that when buying a house =)