Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Women's Retreat 2010"

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of going home...oh, I love it when that happens! The American Cancers Society's Relay for Life was taking place on Friday and Saturday and on Sunday Brian and Tess had us all over to the ranch for a BBQ on their fabulous new patio. All of this was great b/c it made it easy to justify making a trip home.

Normally, I live life looking forward to the next trip home but it's always hard to leave. (Everytime. When will this get easier?!) This time, however, the best part was when it came time to leave. Mom, Tess, Sydni, and Kolt drove me...not to the bus station, not the train station, not to the airport...but all the way back to my house in Vancouver! :) They stayed Monday-Thursday; it was so much fun having them.

Us girls had a joke that this was our "Women's Retreat." Although judging by Tessa's...let's just call them "experiences," and my mom's lack of ability to let her busy hands be still and just chill, I'm not sure either of them found it the least bit relaxing. Nonetheless, we look back fondly at our women's retreat with smiles on our faces, a few inside jokes, and new creations (pics to follow) hanging in our homes. Sorry Kolt, no offense, we do remember you're a boy and we're glad you were along for the ride...but we're still going to call it our women's retreat.

The following is a summary of our lovely time together...let's let the pics help tell the story...

We were all a bit anxious abt how the ride south would go down. Surprisingly, it went quite well. Towards the end things got a bit shaky, Kolt got hungry, Sydni got tired but all in all...pretty good. I think we all have a new appreciation for the DVD player and Sydni's love for the John Deere DVD. At one point in the movie, everytime, she insists that the tractor puttin' across the screen is being driven by "BRI!" ...never fails to supply a good laugh. :)

I love Sydni's jaw-dropped, glassy expression as she watches her movie.

And then there's Kolt, why so wide-eyed, little buddy?!

Sydni enjoyed rediscovering all the good things in Auntie Meg's toy chest.

She emptied the box and surrounded Kolt with all the contents. She then stood back and proudly admired her handiwork. (As if, in her head, she saw Kolt just a-playin' away with all her toys!)

One day we decided to get crafty. When finding JoAnn's proved to be such a challenge on top of all the other craziness one of us (myself) almost gave up...but we stuck it out and here's what we did with our supplies...

Why yes, of course, there was coffee involved. You don't actually think we'd ask Tess to put her crafty pants on without first allowing her an iced coffee, do you?! ;)

Mmm, that's my good-lookin' mama! Doesn't she look great...even before she's done her hair for the day?!

We enjoyed our little wreath-making party outside because it was SUNNY!

Beige flowers


mustard blossoms


burlap & felt get pretty!


inspirational fabric

Here's an irresistible pic of Kolt. Isn't he dreamy?

Next on our list of activities was making ice cream. I gave Brian this ice cream maker for his birthday and we'd been waiting for Sydni's visit to break it out of the box.

Can you tell who just woke up?

On Wednesday night, knowing that my loves would be leaving the following morning, we decided it was of utmost importance that we document this event. ...turned out quite comical...

"Women's Retreat 2010"

A few more cuties that just needed includin' ...

Quotes worth remembering...

Mom to Brian...

"Don't always be honest."

I don't remember what we were talking abt but this sure made us laugh. :)

Picture Sydni, knees bent, leaning forward, looking far

off down my dead end street as she exclaimed,

"I see you, night wind!"

"You got the sun, Nani?"

as the suns goes behind a cloud and Sydni get the shivers.

And I saved the best for last...

"Is that the sex cat?!

...that IS gross!!!"

Don't judge, people. Just be thankful, like we are,
that our Little Bean has no idea what she's saying. :)

Packin' Up...

Sydni's ready to go but the girl behind the camera isn't so ready for Sydni to leave. Still there are always good things to focus on like how great Sydni looks in her new "Luke shorts" and the fact that she'll be rocking them all the way home. (They're so cute, Amy!)

(I can't figure out what happened with the layout of this post. How did it get so out of control? If you made it all the way to the end, then I thank you for muddling through. :)
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  1. Gotta love a little women's retreat every now and then. I say next time we get a babysitter (at least for part of the retreat.) Then maybe we'd have done more devotions and crafts and less watching Sydni tantrum - that'd be kinda nice.
    I did thoroughly enjoyed reliving this experience through this post... we had some funny times.:)
    Thanks for your amazing hospitality!

  2. Yeah for fun times with family! You sure do have a cute one! And those wreaths are to die for!

  3. Thank you for reminding me of how much fun we had. I love the quotes! You were a wonderful hostess and we look forward to visiting again. Daughters & granddaughter are so special:)

  4. Moms and sisters are just the best! Fun post.:)

  5. Fun times! Great pics! Love the wreaths!!