Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dad and Mom VH come to visit

Brian's parentals came to see us for a couple of days!

These are a few of the things we enjoyed with them... 
We took them to Portland City Grill.  Brian and I have declared that place a must eat/see/do for all our visitors, past and present.
We went for a walk in Forest Park.
We visited Pittock Mansion.  It was previously the home of Henry and Georgiana Pittock, the owners of The Oregonian back in the early 1900's. It also is a must-see, I'm so glad one of my coworkers suggested we go!
We stumbled upon a random diner in what felt the middle of nowhere on our way to the mansion.  Brian's dad insisted we find it again on our way down the hill and eat there for lunch. He loved it. Throughout lunch he kept commenting, "Now this is nice." I found this ironic considering that just the night before Brian and I had taken him to Portland City Grill, a classy joint offering an amazing view from the 30th floor of one of Portland's tallest buildings. I guess, like me, he appreciates the little things too!
We grilled and ate dinner outside. We simply had to enjoy that last little bit of summer(ish) weather before it slipped away.
While I worked, the three of them continued to explore...
They toured Fort Vancouver, checked out the beach nearest our house, and went to the marina so Brian's dad, an avid sailor, could look at the boats.

 Crossway, our church, had a booth called The Barnyard at the Salmon Creek Famer's Market.
Above are Brian and his dad hanging out near our booth.
 The four of us at Portland City Grill.
 Brian and I conforming to the ways of the city, "keepin' P-town weird." :]
 We came across Voodoo Doughnut. I'd heard people rage about this place and was excited to give it a try.
  He carried my purse, allowing me to pack the sweet stuff. Yep, that's right, I've got quite the man.
 Voodoo Doughnut, we've tried your goods and we'll be back!
 This pic doesn't boast, "best quality" but it's a pretty view of the waterfront at night.
In Mom's defense, she actually doesn't tower a foot and half over her hubs. Deceiving picture, (my bad) but still cute! ;)


Check out this great little car! Walking away I still couldn't get over how adorable it was!

Pretty impressive, huh?! Wait till you see this view...

 Epic. This was not posed. LOL
Mt. Hood towering over downtown P-town.
Portland City Grill is in the tall building. A very cool setting, wouldn't you agree?

Silly fam. :)
 Buddies. :)

 Brian's dad wandered off ahead of us. This is where we found him, lingering in the bushes...twice.
At first it was creepy, then it became funny.
 Strike a pose!
 Brian found this sign alarming. His mom and I assured him that this statement is very normal.
 All kinds of parking lots, grocery stores, malls...etc. have similar sign.
Despite what we told him, he insisted on thinking this parking lot was unsafe.
This made me laugh.
 This forest is an interesting combination of eery and enchanted, I love it!
And of course, the diner. ;)

Dad and Mom,
We appreciate you coming and enjoyed showing you our life here.
Hope you come back for another visit again SOON!
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  1. You did a fabulous job of capturing the fun times we had! I just had to laugh as I read your comments about Dad and the diner. Too funny...and so true!! :-) We had such a great time and we will definitely be back!!!