Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yesterday I was sitting at home by myself daydreaming about how lovely it would be to go thrifting. I was itching to go out on an adventure and return home with something fabulous. I brushed the thought aside by remindering myself that I didn't have a companion, and I don't much fancy going out alone. A female, a friend, one of my sisters, my Mom, any of them would do, I thought. My other excuse was that I only know knew the location of one thrift store in the area and it was closed on Mondays.
Well, two hours later the itch had only grown stronger and could no longer be avoided. I called Brian and told him, "I want to go buy furniture." He was surprised, and felt the need to repeat what I'd just said as a question, as though he must have heard wrong. When I quickly agreed he said, "you don't want to go shopping, you don't want to look, you want to go buy furniture...right now?!" After taking a moment to ponder his response it has come to my attention that normally, I speak with more subtlety when it comes to "needing" something new. C'mon girls, you know the feeling when you walk into your closet and exclaim, "I have nothing to wear!" as you stare at hangers and hangers full of perfectly decent but just "ok" clothes. Because, really, who wants to don something that makes you feel ok about yourself when in your mind it's time for something new, something that proclaims, "I'm fresh and vibrant, never been touched by the fading affects of a dryer or the strain of too much wear. I take my job as a scarf, a shirt, an accessory seriously; I make this girl look good!" Okay, okay, so maybe I am starting to talk like the manequin to Isla Fisher, "the girl with the green scarf" on Confessions of a Shopaholic. But seriously, when I shop, it's with an open mind. I take the time to wander around, not knowing what I'll find but anxiously anticipating whatever it is that may speak to me. And yes, if a manequin ever speaks to me, like it did to beautiful Isla, I too, will listen. Well, yesterday I found myself out of patience. I had reached that moment in the closet but in terms of my house, rather than my wardrobe.
I needed to go junkin', I needed an adventure, even if it meant going by myself and I needed a happy ending. This adventure simply had to end with me reclaiming someone else's disposed of something-or-other as my very own, to do with whatever I wished.
Following a couple minutes of research I found myself practically skipping down the front walk to the truck with my list of directions to several nearby thrift stores in hand. I was off, the treasure hunt had begun; first stop: Goodwill. What with my will and their goods, I surely did achieve my goal. ;)
The best part of this whole story is that all of the following lovelies came to a grand total of less than $30. Wow, so great. :)

Here are all of my Goodwill treasures. It wasn't until I got home that I realized they all coordinate...
"Needed" this little beauty from the instant my eyes set sight upon it...

 I've been on the lookout for cheap glassware to use in displaying my aforementioned "greens" so I was pleased to find this classic piece listed at $.99...
 You know me, I love my mustard 'n gold. Recently, however, my color palette has undergone what I like to call an Autumn Expansion. Who'd o' thought I'd ever be an amber lover?!
 Lately I've been shopping for baskets to place on the laundry room shelves in order to hide the drills, nails, sand paper, light bulbs...etc. What I've discovered is that baskets are ridiculously overpriced. Finally, I came to my senses. I'm so glad Goodwill could remedy my problem.
(Why didn't I think of checking there sooner?! :)
 Finn went crazy when I came home with all these strange smelling things.

 Mmm, l.o.v.e these colors... And yes, I did take a little trip back into the 70's; a trip that didn't stop at the store, it continued on up to the check-out counter, out to the truck, and into our home. I really love this crazy old lamp even though I know it's going to be the cause of many people's head shaking when they walk through my front door and see it showcased in our living room. :) I told Brian that this lamp is officially what took our look from funky, colorful, and coordinated (without being matchy) to eclectic at last. it.
 This little coffee table is my new prized possession, thanks to Value Village. I can't get over how adorable it is, that is, in my head. I have quite the vision for it. I have in mind an awesome shade of peacock paint, some glaze and, of course, it deserves to be distressed.
I must admit, I don't even want a coffee table. I don't have room and when I did, in our previous house, I hadn't the slightest desire for one. Although I don't know what to do with her, this one won me over. 
Maybe I'll sell her on Craigslist or I could give her as a gift...?
 Check out the price tag! (AKA The reason I couldn't resist.)
As you can see in the pics, I was far too giddy to have time for silly things such as dusting. So please, just ignore the smudges, grit and grime.
 Just this past weekend I was at Walmart and decided I "needed" 3 of these candles.
Why, I wasn't sure. Now, I get it. :)

I hope you've enjoyed getting a glimpse of my bargain-priced treasures. Maybe you, too, feel inspired to spend a little less on decor this year? To me, this is proof. You can still add a bit of festive flair to your home without having to justify spending the bucks.
***My only word of advice, don't forget the hand sanitizer. By the time you get to your car, you'll definitely be needing it.
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  1. Oh cuteness! Good job Meg! I'm not going to lie... I'm a little jealous of all your amazing (and cheapo) treasures!!!

  2. CUTE stuff, Megan! I had the same kind of week last week, and it IS amazing what you can find if you take the time to do a little digging thru those stores... such satisfaction in a good bargain!(:

  3. I still remember the first time I brought you to Value Village to buy cowboy boots to ride John Henry. You were pretty grossed out and wouldn't touch anything. How far you've come!