Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What we're up to today...

Surprisingly, this week Brian's and my day off are aligned. It's exciting. We started the day off well by sleeping in together. (Just don't tell my Mom! Oh wait, she reads this...Sorry, Mom. ;P ) But really, not setting even one alarm was wonderful and then waking up together, that was pretty cool.
What this day off really means is that Brian will be in his "classroom," and I'll be fighting the urge to distract all_day_long. Whoa, a year ago I sometimes thought it difficult being newly married to a college student. Now, I'm learning that the combination of Full Time Workin' Schmuck (as my dad likes to say ;) and Online Masters Student is a bit more complicated.
Today I'm taking my mom's advice. While Brian hibernates in his classroom, I'll be putting 'my girl' to use. Remember this?

As you can see, Brian's vacated his classroom...
Who knows maybe it was this adorable floral bedspread that forced him out of the room?!
I found him outside pluggin' away on one of his many reading assignments.
*As to not distract, I snapped this from inside the laundry room.
(Please excuse my lovely bars. Despite what you may think, we do not reside in an unsafe neighborhood or a jail...just a rental house. :)

I decided that as long as I'm working on areas of distraction, the laundry room shelves needed help. I know, this is more than distracting, it's messy and all together unfortunate looking. So, my goal is to conquer this mess...or hide it. :)
Hint: the white rod above the top shelf...
Inspiration: wood, 'shrooms, and CHUBBY OWLS!!!

Stay tuned, I hope to have cute curtains to share with you sometime soon!
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1 comment:

  1. Meg!
    Praying for you and thinking of you today! I know days like these can be really hard, but God is faithful, and Maddox is celebrating with Jesus today!
    Time has flown these past 3 years... I pray that Jesus will comfort you right now!

    Love you!