Sunday, December 12, 2010


Looking through pictures from the last few weeks, I'm realizing that I have so much fun to share!

While home for Thanksgiving, I was able to spend time with two of my good forever friends. (In case you're confused... You know those friends that always remain? The ones you can pick right back up from where you left off, anytime, no matter what, even if it's been a month or two since you last talked. Those are Forever Friends.)

This is my dear friend, Linds. Brian and I so enjoyed getting to hang out with you and Scott again. I love that we get to navigate this life together being that we're in similar stages.
I had to throw this next one in, just because it makes me laugh.
I met up with Ms. Jasmine Jean and the two of us went on a little escapade to B'ham in her wee car, despite the ice. I introduced her to Dollar Tree. She loved it. Who wouldn't?!
Girls, it's a bummer that we have to maintain this Forever Friendship from across the state,
but it's a blessing nonetheless. :)
Little People.
They rock my world.
I loved each second spent capturing everyday play with these precious wee ones.
She's a whirlwind, that one. ;)
Every afternoon, when she wakes up from her nap, Sydni rolls "her babies" out of her room, across the hallway, through the door, and into the living room. Oh, and whatever you do, do not refer to the above object as a crib. "It's a pack 'n play." (Didn't you know?!)
Look at that crazy hair! I wish I could wake up looking that wild and still be called cute!
"Christmas Shopping for Mom" in the magazine. Tess, it's almost like she knew you'd soon be the owner of a cute pair of shorty boots! Clearly, this girl is up to date on the latest fashion trends.
We're best friends.
Those eyes. Oh my...
You know how it is, just chillin' [literally] on the front porch.
How do kids do it? He looks like a model even when he's a mess.
Okay, so maybe it's with a little [or a lot] of help from their mama.
Go Mama Tess! Your kids look fab. :)
All it takes is Mama and and his Kolt plug, turned upside down, to make things better.
All girl. :)
Check out those lashes! Sydni thinks wearing her mom's makeup is pret-ty great.
Happy girl.
*          *          *
We went to Extreme Bean for lunch with Gma B. 
I caught Sydni contemplative. Funny moment.
This kid is completely IN LOVE with his parents. It's too cute.
*          *          *
Mom, Tess, and I took advantage of nap time and made book page wreaths. I chose them
because they seem a good fit for the holiday season.
Clarification: I don't use the term 'holiday' as an alternative to Christmas. (Oooh, that makes me crazy!)
 I just think our 'holiday' wreaths will go well into January and/or February
without looking like Christmas stragglers.
Finn wanted to show you the end result. Here it is...
*          *          *
On Thanksgiving Eve Brian and Tess and co., Dad and Mom, and Brian and I went bowling.
Above is [bro-inlaw] Brian's take on who we really are.
Old Man=Dad,   Two=my Brian
One=Tessa's Brian,   Nan=Mom
Meeghan=me,   Farmhand=Tess
It's was Sydni's first time.
Dad and Mom used to belong to a bowling league. They brought their own balls from waaaay back then.
The black one is Dad's, the blue one is Mom's.
 Papi playing his favortie little kiddo game.
Nani playing her favorite little kiddo game.
Mom instructing Tess on "how to bowl."
(I think Kolt is getting a kick out of the situation.)
*          *           *
~ Our White Day of Thanks ~
Cold outside...
...cozy inside.
Mmm, Grandparents...
They can be funny.
Sooo, I got some free books at The Restore to use for our book page wreaths. Apparently, they weren't 100% "family" appropriate. The page I used around Gma B's silverware said this...

I'm not sure who actually noticed it, but hearing Grandma say "Macho Bullshit!?!" was priceless. I can still hear her laughing and repeating it. Unforgettable Moment.
We all got a pretty big kick out of it.
Every year, following our feast, it is our tradition to take a few moments to pause and think. We all record whatever it may be that we are currently thankful for. This year, after the "Macho Bullshit" episode, my Brian found it so entertaining that when we he listed what he was thankful for...well, you can guess what he said...
I am thankful for...
And yes, this one really does end with, "and not hitting the church." Can you guess who went 4xin Thanksgiving morning and almost crashed into Uncle Larry, Aunt Adri, Tyler, and Janna's church? Let me just say, it wasn't Grandma Bertha. ;)
That last one made me feel loved. Thanks, Tess. :)
Kolt's 1st Thanksgiving.
Those mashed potatoes were GOOOOOD. :] Kolt didn't need words or writing to express what he was thankful for this year!
Once these kiddo's tummies were full, they set out to empty Nani's cupboard.
Mose is lookin' pretty proud of his and Sydni's handiwork, wouldn't you say?
Whew! It was a big job involving travel mugs, sippy cups, a chocolate fountain and a popcorn popper! :)
Precious Moment.

*          *          *
I couldn't decided how to close this post. It's such a collaboration of moments, events and memories, but what's more fitting than pointing the focus back where it belongs?

I Am So Thankful For...
my Mr.
my Friends
1 precious Nephew in heaven (Miss you Maddox...)
1 hilarious little Niece
2 studly little Nephews
2 wee Nephews/Nieces on the way
Parents that care so much.
A sister that truly is just a phone call away. (I wish she were just down the road but AOL, Blogspot, and Verizon are remaining trusty for now.)
My Family.
I'm thankful that Christmas is on the horizon.
All the shiny signs of the season are swirling and sparkling around us. It's up to us to remember why we call it Christmas. It's not about shopping and stressing. It's about remembering one priceless gift; the gift of God's Son, sent to us, born in a stable, come to be our Savior. Sure, it's reason to celebrate but what's the point of celebration if it overrides the original intent?
This Christmas, it's my prayer that I remain focused. This Christmas, I'm gonna celebrate!
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  1. I so love you Meg! And I LOVE this post. I am just sitting here smiling.:) That was a FUN week; definitely one to be THANKFUL for! I loved having you guys around! (can't wait for Christmas) Thanks for being you, and for taking pictures of life's moments.

  2. This made me cry just a little bit. Love you... Missing you lots recently.

  3. Love it, Meg! Looks like such a fun and memorable weekend... your pictures captured such wonderful moments with your family!:)

  4. Megan, those are some great pictures! And I have to say, the ones of Kolt eating his Thanksgiving meal made me laugh so hard. Those are absolutely priceless! Hope you both are doing great. And hopefully I'll be calling you soon to let you know you're an aunt again! :)

  5. I'm sitting here smiling and sniffling at the same time after reading your compilation (for lack of a better word) of our time together at Thanksgiving. You are blessed with a talent for capturing the precious times in our family. Thank you for the beautiful pics and meaningful words. You summed it ~ our family is blessed to have each other and most of all Jesus Christ our Savior. Love you!