Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Work-Filled Week

Over the last week Finn continued checking out the house...
...while the rest of us plugged away on getting ready for move-in day.
Mom and I painted the bedrooms and got a good chunk of trim painting done as well.
Here she is in Wee One's future room...
Nursery Paint: Silver Sage by Restoration Hardware
Here I am in our bedroom...aaaalmost done with the final coat!
Celebratory Puppy Snuggles!
Yes, I do hug my dog when we accomplish things "together." :)
The front bedroom...
The day our new carpet arrived was a big day for us. It took two speedy guys 40 minutes to install carpet in 3 bedrooms. They even had time to fix a squeak in our floor and joke about stealing Finn! When they left, Finn ran from room to room, spreading his toys and rolling around on his new favorite flooring. Brian is still telling me, "I had no idea how much I could love carpet!"
Before and After
My dad and Brian were able to get some big projects done including fence repairs, work on the roof, and patching and texturing funky walls throughout the house. Getting the fence repaired meant Finn's first chance to fully explore his new yard, leash-free.
Thank you Dad and Mom for making multiple trips down and spending long days here with us, helping us teaching us how to get this place in shape!
Dad, thank you for taking time off your current jobs to help Brian.
Mom, thank you for putting your go-getter, perfectionist self to work in my home.
We love you, both of you, so much.
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  1. Looking good! :) We're not even finished painting yet and we've been here 3 years.. come do ours next!

  2. Dad & I really do love this kind of work, it's very rewarding!