Tuesday, May 1, 2012

August [adoption] Update

Baby Update:
I could no longer bear all of the "Baby this," "Baby that" talk, so we've recently begun calling Baby "August." It seemed the most obvious name considering that he/she is due in August.

Birth Mom Update:
Birth Mom has continually expressed interest in emailing. I spent about a month dragging my feet for reasons that I now see were silly, but she kept bringing it up to her counselor who would then tell our caseworker, who would then remind us. This past week, as a way to keep our last name private, Brian and I set up a new email for use when communicating with Birth Mom. We sent it in to Bethany and within a short while received our first email from Birth Mom. I have spent the last couple days chatting back and forth with her and I am so happy that we decided to comply with her wishes.

As it turns out Birth Mom simply desired informal conversation and increased communication. Both of which have proven good for she and us. Just a matter of days spent emailing directly have already opened doors leading to a closer relationship.

My Update:
God never stops working through this process/in my life.
I'm constantly being struck with these realizations, 
...It's funny how God works...
...He knows me better than myself...
...His plan is so much bigger than mine...
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  1. I LOVE your nickname "August" we chose to call Westyn "spud" before he was born because he would be born in Idaho. Glad to hear things are going so well!!

  2. I keep getting more and more excited for the both of you! Such a blessing!