Monday, February 11, 2013

A Little Laid Back. (Just Like Daddy) 9 weeks.

Sanders loves his bathes. 
Following is the documentation of an especially relaxing one that ended with a little snooze. :)

After being washed, he stared, blew bubbles, and conversed with one of his ducks.

Then he fell asleep. :)

He proceeded to sleep, despite being picked up out of his tub.

And suck his two fingers, just like his daddy did when he was a babe.

(Photo of Brian at 3 months old.) 

Genetics can be even better than a hot bath
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  1. Oh so adorable!! That is just so cute how he does suck his two fingers exactly like Brian did...even the same hand!! :-) I am SO glad that I dug through all those pictures to find that one of Brian. Pretty sweet!!

  2. Megan this is my favorite post ever. he is so precious, and you capture the sweetest of his expressions. thank you SO MUCH for sharing!!!