Friday, August 6, 2010

Well, it's official folks...

The not-so-anticipated graveyard that we've known was looming in our future has arrived. Tonight is Brian's 2nd of many night shifts to come, here in Portland.

As you can see, Brian and Finn had no problem fully embracing this sleeping during the day thing...but how long until the inevitable crabbiness takes place?

The positive:
I grew up with my dad working swing shift and Brian milked a couple nights a week on his dad's dairy throughout college. I know that night shift can (and will) make life upside down and backwards, however, we've both experienced it. This is good, it shouldn't be too much of a shocker for either of us...we hope. ;P

The negative:
I just settled into a schedule at work and I'm very happy with it except for the fact that it "perfectly" conflicts with Brian's. My hours range from open (4:30am) to mid afternoon (4:00pm-ish.) An average work day for me starts at 6am, give or take an hour or two. Brian's night shift begins at 6:00pm and ends at 6:00am. This is a bummer on days like today when I began work at 6am and got off in the afternoon. I got home, Brian took a nap to gear up for his night. We had dinner and Brian left at 5 something to head to work. Tomorrow morning Brian will get off at 6am and I'll be at work by 6:15am. We'll just miss eachother on the freeway.

More of the positive:
** I work at "The 'bux" and my particular store is barely off I-5 on Brian's way home. This allows him to stop for a quick morning hello before he heads for home, pulls the curtains closed and grabs some zzzzz's. (We'll see if he stops!?! ;)

** Brian has a great job for which I'm really thankful. Don't get me wrong, this didn't happen over night. It's taken months to reach this point. I'm finally calm enough to realize that this a blessing. We could still be living in Dad's and Mom's basement and Brian could be enduring an "in-between" job rather than appreciating a career that expands his knowledge and experience each day.

I'm thankful because... we're young and healthy. We don't yet have kids. We're not strapped for money. We_are_blessed. I just have to remember this when Brian reaches that frustrating "graveyard stupor." My mom knows the one...

...when he says things that don't make any sense and he wonders why I'm confused.

...when he's short with me and he doesn't even realize it.

...when he gets so tired that he's dozing off in the most inopportune times and denies it to the death. :)

Bring it on, graveyard! We will keep our sanity, despite how you mess with us! ;)
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  1. I see that the infamous graveyard life has begun. I look forward to hearing some of the "graveyard stupor" stories! Remember that if you are ever lonely in the evenings and want someone to talk to...I am always a phone call away.

  2. A blessing in disguise ~ a dad who always worked shift work. It will definitely be easier for you than someone who has never experienced it. Grandma B would say, remember to lock your doors.

  3. haha Thanks Mom, for the advice from "B." :)