Sunday, August 15, 2010

He loves me :)

Yesterday was our first anniversary. It was different than I think either of us would have imagined, but nice. I've always had an appreciation for the little things, especially the quirky ones. ;) But now I'm learning, slowly but surely, to appreciate the little moments. Our current reality has shown me that being together isn't abt how much we're together but about enjoying the time that we're given. Here's how our day went yesterday...

Brian worked until 6am. I opened (4:30am.) I woke up to a "Happy Anniversary" text message. This may seem lame considering that couples are "supposed to" wake up together on their first anniversary. Either way, it made me smile, it did the job. Brian stopped by the store for my 10 minute break on his way home. I made him an extra de-lish beverage and we headed outside. He brought breakfast sandwiches, some amazing dark chocolate, and a big, beautiful bouquet. We enjoyed our breakfast on the tailgate of Brian's truck in the middle of the empty parking lot surrounded by Target, Sbux, Barnes & Noble, and an abandoned Red Lobster. Classy, huh?! I loved it. It was the fastest break of my life. After 15 minutes I realized I was 5 minutes past my alotted break time which is crazy b/c I'm usually very prompt. I went rushing back into my store, bouquet in hand. Thankfully, none of my coworkers said anything, I think I had a pretty good excuse. I spent the rest of my work day hearing customers ask, "Who's flowers," followed by the response, "Oh, it's Meg's anniversary, her husband brought them in. Isn't that sweet?" ...I sure thought so. :)

After work I stopped by Fred Meyer to grab a few groceries and give Brian a couple more minutes of uninterrupted sleep. (It's amazing how hard it is to be quiet!) Despite propping my flowers ever so carefully, they dumped over while I was in the store. The entire vase emptied itself precisely into the center of the driver's seat. A lovely surprise, for sure. After a frustrated bit of grumbling, I shrugged and figured there was no avoiding it, so I sat.

Upon arriving home, I let Finn into the house who, after jumping, licking, squirming, and whining, (He does that when he's overexcited.) ran directly to the bedroom door. In a matter of seconds, he had it pushed open and was in bed waking Brian. Once Brian was [mostly] awake we went out for pizza at one of our favorite places. When we got home it was time to pack Brian's "lunch" and off to work he went.
That was our day, our first anniversary, short but oh, so sweet.

These are my flowers, aren't they pretty? They're "Oh Happy Day!" (wedding) inspired. That's worthy of some major sentimental brownie points, right? Oh and they're super fragrant. In fact, my entire house smells wonderful thanks to them. Or is our house just that small? ;)

***I don't normally make a habit of keeping flower bouquets in the tub, it's just that I don't have a utility sink so the shower head was the next easiest way to refill the waterless vase. I will however admit that after overflowing the vase, I left it in the tub, to dry off. In the meantime, Finn found it and started pulling out the greens and shredding them all over the house. Needless to say, the bouquet is now residing on the dining room table, where bouquets belong. :)

Flashback to that day...
Notice the makeover that my "M" and "B" (also pictured above with the anniversary flowers) recently received? I got sick of stark black so out came the crackle coat, and metallic gold paint and... "Ta-Da!"

Back when...

November 2008, Deception Pass
Brian asked me to be his wife. [I thought, "Fiiiinally!"] I was so excited I forgot to say yes, until minutes later when he realized I had yet to answer and he anxiously asked again. :)

November 2007, Laguna Beach
Brian asked me to be his girlfriend. [I thought, "Fiiiiiinally!"] I said, "I would love to!"
...Ooh, how things have progressed since then!
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  1. cute! I'm impressed, Brian... not only did you buy flowers, but they were wedding inspired... pret-ty good! :) (and I like the B & M letter transformation, Meg - looks cute)
    and Brian wants to know, "why would anyone abandon a Red Lobster?"

  2. Love the way the letters turned out! I too, am impressed that Brian bought flowers reminiscent of your wedding. Thanks for the little walk back in time:)

  3. Brian did a great job with the flowers...and the fact that he brought them to your work is super cute. We already knew that he was good at the flower giving though...since he did do the "because it's wednesday" flowers back in the day. You got yourself a pretty fantastic husband. The last picture always brings back so many fun memories. I remember a wonderful night that I woke up to you shaking me so exciting and telling me that you had a boyfriend. I am so blessed to have seen you meet Brian, fall in love, and get married to the man of your dreams. Love you both bunches.

  4. I am glad you had a good day! I love that you have pictures from WAAAAY BACK. Since I am someone who dated her husband 6 years before she married him, it makes me giggle when you thought, "finally, he asked!"

  5. P.S. I am loving the B & M that was redone! big fan of those. also a big fan of the plaque that I gave you. hahah.