Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet my new friend, Steph

*She's beautiful.
*She's a servant, through and through.
*She's devoted to what she knows is true.
*She's "real." (I love that.)
*She's a hard workin' lady!
*She's wasn't kidding one day at work when she said, "We should hang out, I'm a good friend." (At the time, I laughed. But she's proven herself, she was right.)
*She's taken me under her wing, shown me around...

*She's "my Portland friend." :)

Here's what we've been up to...

A day in the city...

She loves taking pics too! We spent our day exploring the city, with Brian as our tag-along. We captured a bit of Portland and just a few of it's many, many bridges. The three of us had a lot of fun together. We met up with some of Steph's friends from PBC ( for dinner. We ate at Escape From New York Pizza. Steph claims it's the best pizza in town.
As if we weren't full from dinner, we headed to frozen yogurt down the street and around the corner.
Following frozen yogurt, as if we weren't completely stuffed, we headed to Moonstruck. I'd never even heard of it. (I felt so deprived!) But thank goodness, we've now been introduced. Mom, I can't wait to bring you when you come visit. It's chocolate heaven, you might die. :) Leaving downtown, we headed to one of Portland's "Movies in the Park."


Since leaving Whatcom County I've missed The Restore dearly. Well, one day I stumbled across one in Vancouver, just 6 minutes from our house! That beats driving to Bellingham! Thank you, Habitat for Humanity, for providing me with this amazing resource. Steph and I are new regulars there. :) Here are our latest finds...

Steph's Baby Shutters!
I'll have to post a pic of the finished product soon...

My little collection of "diamonds in the rough." :)

Brian used to always say, "Make a friend," when I left for work. Since meeting Steph, whenever he says it, I quickly remind him that I already have. :)
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  1. Thank you for sharing those great pictures, can't wait to see some of it in real, and we are looking forward to meeting Steph when we visit.

  2. I wanna meet this girl! She sounds like so much fun. These pictures are pretty great. I especially love the picture of you and Brian.