Sunday, December 19, 2010

Before we completely forget abt our lovely Thanksgiving snow... are a few more pics I had yet to share.

I love this one of Amy. Beautiful Mama!
Falling Apart.
Kolt's lost it.
Mose isn't too impressed.
 Sydni's trying to hold it together for the sake of the picture, but it's not really working...
Who knew hangin' out with Papi and Nani could be such torture?!
Beautiful Nan, Sad Kolt.
The kiddos were done with the great, white outdoors so we took the fun inside to the fireplace. We had one nose picker, one cryer, and one intent on observing the activities of the nose picker.
Above is the best shot we got. :) Sydni's bustin' a move, Kolt's happy (only because his mom is talking to him), and Mose is following "E's" lead (but it looks like he's about to fall over. :)
Aah, good times!
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  1. Cute pics! Love it! Mom just put a framed version of that last one up and it just makes me laugh to look at it!

  2. I would like a 5x7 of the pic of Mama Amy--Could you do that for me--I am going to visit you the first weekend of April--will you be home?? Will you have time to thrift shop with DeeEtta and I? The guys are going to a car swap meet....We are staying in Troutdale. Let me know if you have time on April 2!! Barb

  3. Barb, I *just* read this last comment! Somehow I missed it until just now--SO sorry! I just emailed the pic to you. I was so excited to 'hear' you're coming our way. Unfortunately, I've already made plans to be in Spokane that weekend to celebrate Janna's birthday with her. I would have loved to have you over and go thrifting with you and DeeEtta...