Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My B's Homemade Croutons

While my lil FinnOlay does this...
Isn't he precious?!
I've decided to make homemade croutons.
Why, you may ask? Is it because I love salad?
That's a definite NO. I'm more of a meat, sharp cheddar cheese, ice cream and dark chocolate type o' girl.  
Is it because my bread got old while we were away at the beach?
Nope. Believe it or not, that was planned. ;)
Today I got to looking at my lonely, crusty bread and decided that instead of putting it to use in pumpkin bread pudding, (like I'd planned) I would make croutons. Is this because I love croutons?
Not particularly. Rather, it's because I love my Grandma. Now, if she were coming over this would make a lot more sense but then again, I never claimed to be the most sensible of individuals. :P
My Grandma B LOVES HER BREAD. Seriously, if you think you like carbs, you haven't met my B. I have these enchanted childhood memories of B, in her kitchen, always concocting something scrumptious. She makes The World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies, but a lot of Grandma's make cookies. What sets my grandma apart from the rest is her croutons. You laugh, but it's true.
There are a lot of peole I admire but today, I want to be like my B when I grow up. So B, here's to me trying to be like you. I want to flit around like the social butterfly that you are. I want a weekly shopping trip with my sister, just like you and Aunt Gert. I want to drink coffee with my friends each week day morning. I want to make "World's Best" something. And finally, I want to master homemade croutons as mouth-watering as yours.
I love you, Grandma B! As you can see, I've got a lot of progress to make and lot of things I hope to do someday so... it's back to the kitchen I go, Hi Ho!
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