Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our new friend, Aroma--->"Romie"

Now, I think 'Aroma' needs a new name because, really, 'Aroma?' Let's be straight, it's weird. But lame name or not, he is our new friend and we love him. ...Then again, who wants to be lame? Not us! I will officially refer to our new friend as 'Romie,' from now on. :)
As I'm sure you've noticed, I like all my beloved things to have a gender.
("It" just sounds so distant, generic, unloved.)
Following the unveiling, I decided that Romie is in fact masculine. I'll let you know, performance-wise, if anything changes. 
For example, can he multi task? If so, he will automatically be changed over to a she in my book. ;)

(I love my Sbux discount. :)

Creation #1 Salted Caramel Dark Hot Chocolate
(What else?!)
I had to settle for itsy bitsy marshmallows because I didn't have whip on hand.
It was still delicious. :)
Mm-mmm, Good!
Don't mind me and my nasty, nasty, grundge look.
Reasons why, today, I'm allowed to look this YUCK.
1.) I have the flu.
2.) I've been working on a painting project all day.
3.) I have the flu.
Aren't you glad you can't catch that over the internet?!
Should I be drinking something this delicious when I have the flu? I have no doubt, the answer is no. But, I pondered all day whether this tummy of mine could handle such indulgence and for the moment, it's making me verrrry cozy inside.
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  1. Ummm, can I have one too please? :)

  2. Yummers! Ill be right over:) Great picture taken BTW:)