Thursday, January 26, 2012

Duvet Dilemma

So I bought this duvet on sale from West Elm... I very rarely buy things online. Go ahead and call me "old school," but this purchase has reminded me why. The washed out gold [pictured below] looked mustard, (mustard!), in the picture on the website. 

As I'm sure you know by now, I love mustard. So when I saw it, I was sold.
But it's far from mustard. 
In it's defense, it is pretty, and subtle, and slightly earthy, (all good things) but it isn't bold (AKA It's not very 'Meganville.') I love dressing my home in drama with loud colors and prints, chunky photo frames, distinct textures...etc. Overall, I like the duvet but somehow because it's not bright and bold, I'm at a loss. It looks good in our room, yet to me it is bland. 
Nothing about it screams anything to me. Now that's a problem. 

It is my habit to pick something bold for each room and usually, the rest of my inspiration flows easily from that one piece. My living room curtains are a prime example.
This duvet dilemma is an odd one for me, considering my love for color and that I normally know just how I want things to look. Therefore, this is my plea... 
Help me, help this room, to find it's voice.

Here's what you need to know/see before offering your ideas...

Wall Color: Golden Bronze
Wall Color: Graceful Gray
Trim Color: Cream
Doors: White
Our bed is placed at an angle into the corner with a backdrop of one gray wall and one bronze wall. We're currently headboard-less, but don't mind that, I foresee beautiful updates soon to come.
I think this green armoire will be finding its way into another corner of our bedroom...
Other things going on in our room...

Also, I plan to cut up and re-purpose my favorite cami. It's gotten tired but I can't bear to throw it out, so I'm going to give it a second life. Perhaps I'll use it to embellish a pillow, or a pellet board/picture wall hanging...maybe both!

What color will best transform our bedroom 
from blah to bold? 

My best thought thus far: Fuchsia.
I want to hear your ideas! I know many of you who read my blog and never, ever, ever comment...Just this once, won't you leave me some comment love? :)
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  1. Oh Megan, I would love to respond with some great insight on what would just make that duvet come alive and "pop"....but yeah, as you well know that is definitely not my area of expertise. Not even close!!! But one thing I do know, there is no doubt in my mind that you will figure it out!! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  2. I think fuchia would be cute! And another idea.. I know sometimes colors in pictures look a little different but what about lime green? Not super neon or anything..maybe emerald green? Worth a try! Everything looks great!

  3. I like the fuscia idea....maybe plum as an option?