Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our very own Winter Wonderland

It's been snowing like crazy at our house for almost a week and it truly has become a winter wonderland.
View out the front bedroom window.
Heavy laden Trees
Garden Shed Snuggled up under the trees
Brian doesn't love the snow quite like I do. What was a simple, predictable 35 minute commute has turned treacherous and left my SoCal husband spooked after a near head-on collision. Thankfully however, he continues getting to and from work safely each day. 

Yesterday our neighborhood had three separate power outages and Brian came home to a very dark home. He was hungry and a cold meal didn't appeal to either of us so our options were limited. For dinner we toasted Everything Bagel Thins topped with canned chicken and cheese over the fire. We have yet to organize our camping gear so instead of traditional roasting sticks, it was the Cutco BBQ set to the rescue! After dinner the power came back on, but we kept the lights off. Our whole house was twinkling with candle light, the fire was roaring and we were cozy! 
The only thing missing...marshmallows and Hershey bars. :)
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  1. So pretty. I'm loving how beautiful it is! Too bad it makes things like driving a bit more complicated, huh!?! But it sure has been nice to have a good winter storm! It seems like it's been a while.

  2. Love the Winter Wonderland, all the snow has blown off the trees at my place :(