Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Merry Madness and a Memory

This past year our family Christmas was much like year's past. Except, perhaps even crazier. :) Each year our sweet babies are one year older, one year faster, one year feistier, and one year louder. It's a crazy business but I can't even remember what a calm Christmas was like prior to our ever-growing crew of little ones. 
Here's a very real glimpse at what 
~ Christmas ~
looks like at Papa and Nana's...
Basement Toy Clean-Up turned into Dress-Up Trunk Discoveries 
Little boys decked in their auntie's/mommy's old dresses and dance garb. :)
But looking back, my favorite memory from this past Christmas was Grandma B opening her gift. [Sis-in-law]Amy put together a collection of our 2011 memories in the form of photo books to give to the grandmas from us kids. I wasn't present to watch when Grandma Jane was given her book, but watching Grandma B receive hers was priceless. In the midst of the whirlwind around her, she settled into the striped chair in the corner and sat, engrossed. She was silent, looking up occasionally, pointing at a picture and smiling with her happy, twinkly eyes. 
It was so cute
Grandma Jane, I hope you love your book just as much as B appears to love hers. :)
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  1. Not sure why, but that dress up thing was just SO funny that night!!! We are weird for sure! :)