Monday, May 28, 2012

Alas, *completely* home

Today was a day set aside for organizing this cute little residence of ours. My mom and Tess came to join me. (Okay, more accurately, they came to guide me.) Their expertise never goes unappreciated in my home. Each time they come it's a whirlwind but never have I been as pleased with the result as I am right now. Today was filled to the brim with goodness...and laughter. Ikea furniture assembly has a tendency to produce one of two reactions: angry yelling or uncontrollable laughter. I'm happy to report that this particular story is a happy one. The instructions said that one person was necessary to assemble my nifty, new shoe rack. HA! What a claim. Tess began on her own, but it was clear that she needed something like 8 more hands, so I joined her. Surely we could tag team this thing, surely 4 hands would do. False! As it turns out it required 6 hands. My mom came to realize that we needed her too. We started over from scratch. Following a great struggle and comical dialogue we wrangled the darn thing into submission. Isn't it cute? Thanks Ikea! You're a total pain, but we like you. :)

With Mom and Tessa's help, the kitchen, living room, spare bedroom, nursery, and hallways have all received an extra measure of love and attention and they are looking pret-ty good, if we do say so ourselves.

Mom, thank you for being my official measuring lady. (Numbers never were my strong suit.)
Tess, thank you for cleaning and polishing the old drafting desk that now serves as our breakfast bar.

I am hoping to post a sort of 'home tour.'  As always, there are more projects in the works and being dreamed-up on a daily basis, but I'll work on photographing and sharing our newly organized and adorned cozy home...

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  1. It was lots of fun fluffing your home Meg! I'm excited to see more pictures. That gallery wall is impressive. :)

  2. We sound like a joke: How many Dutch girls does it take to assemble a simple shoe rack?
    What a fun day!