Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Finding Out...

One day in March I confided in my sister about some odd symptoms I'd been experiencing. She had a funny feeling that in addition to our pending adoption, we may have another babe on the way, but because she knows me [and our story] she refrained from pushing too many pregnancy assumptions on me. I told her my symptoms were due to stress because pregnancy, well, that just couldn't be. Two days later she called me over to her house, handed me a pregnancy test, and told me that she needed to know.

The test result was confusing, so we called Brian (who I had shooed out of the house not 15 minutes prior), and commanded him to go to the store, buy us another, and to do so quickly
The poor guy! I had tried to save him the anxiety that goes with taking a pregnancy test. (We had been there, done that, and it had never turned out well for us.) He asked what the first had said. Tess told him it was positive, I emphatically assured him that it was lying. He was so frazzled, he asked us what to do with the coffee and wrap he'd just ordered at a local coffee shop...we said "Ditch 'em for all we care! We need you!"
The second test came back the same as the first and had all three of us confused. It said 'pregnant' but not in the way the diagram said it should. I was so used to getting a blatant 'not pregnant' that I was convinced that this was just a new form of 'no.'
Then things became funny. Brian decided, like Tessa earlier in the day, that he needed to know, so he dialed the number on the box and had the lengthiest of conversations with the operator on the other end. Tess and I got a BIG laugh out of this. Who calls the number on the backside of a pregnancy test box to ask if their wife is prego?! Brian does. :)
The operator, after listening to Brian's detailed description of our situation and asking a few questions, explained to Brian that the test result was contradictory because I was further along than most women when they take a first response test and my pregnancy hormones were overpowering the test's ability to determine correctly.
"Pregnancy Hormones?!" I thought, "I have pregnancy hormones?!!"

The day we thought we'd never experience had come! 

Once Baby #2's existence had been confirmed I started bugging Tess about how now it was her turn to get pregnant with her #3. She kept looking at me funny and not saying anything until finally she caved and said, 'I am. ...I found out yesterday!" Here's a look at our overjoyed, tired, squeamish early-pregnancy faces. In many ways we didn't feel so hot, in other ways we were soaring sky-high.
(MillieGirl couldn't believe it either. ;)
I've decided that finding out 6 weeks into my pregnancy was God's extra special way of shortening my wait. He also gave me the best buddy I could imagine with which to share the journey. And I have learned that pregnancy is weird, I'm very happy to have a prego buddy. Praise Jesus! We couldn't have come up with a story this good on our own!
Friday, March 30, 2012, we will never forget you...
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  1. What a wild and crazy day! I was so emotionally tired at the end of that day. Thanks for the recap! :)

  2. Soooo funny! What a great story...LOVE IT!

  3. SO EXCITED for you both!! Let the fun begin :)