Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reactions and Advice

Among the many well wishes and the incredible outpouring of support showered upon Brian and I following our "two baby announcement," there have been a few people's words who stick most in our memory....

At our first OB appt. for Baby #2 our story quickly emerged and all the nurse could say was, 
"Woooow!" ... "Exciting!" ... "Oh, that's so exciting!!!!"
..."This is exciting, right?!"
(As if her raised eyebrows and overall startled expression hadn't already said it all. ;)

*     *     *

We received a sweet Facebook message from Brian's friend Josh's mom which read,
"...I remember when I found out we were having twins. I cried ALL THE WAY HOME(!!!) thinking how can we do this?! But soon the tears turned to tears of absolute joy and we felt so very blessed to be having two babies! ... One little piece of advice--suddenly everyone (including complete strangers) are going to become experts on raising two babies--just remember you're their mama and daddy and YOU know what's best and what works for your own special little family!..." ~Donna

*     *     *

[With the knowledge that Brian's sister, Julie, is currently pregnant with twins]
After looking at our 'Bump Ahead' Picture,
"Our family is EXPLODING!!!"
~ Brian's Mom

*     *     *

And then there was my Grandma Jane, who upon hearing our 'two baby news' exclaimed,
"That's worse than twins!"
...Thanks, Grandma, thanks so much... ;)

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  1. Haha!!! I didn't even know that I had said that!! The past couple of weeks have just been overwhelmingly amazing! My heart is truly just swelling with happiness!!

  2. I just chuckled when you said --Our lives will never be the same again!!! Yup!!!! Not for a few years anyway!!! Get as much done around the house as you can the next 2 months or else forget it for awhile--it will take a back seat for a few years--but you will have so much joy and fun!!!

  3. Can't wait to help with all the craziness that is going to be your new normal:)