Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Becca & Autumn Come to Visit!

My friend Becca and her little miss Autumn came to visit. They spent a night and the next day we went to Ballard for some thrifting and junking.
We discovered that the Ballard ReStore is chock full of funky lighting. It's not cheap, but it is unique. They have some really cool old stuff, rather than just stale old stuff. 
(For example, lighting dating back to the '50s as opposed to the '80s.)

Autumn among all the 'treasures.' I think she was overstimulated. :)

I scored several small fabric-lined shutters as well as a long, skinny table. I'm waiting for inspiration. When it strikes I'll refinish the table. 

Also, in true pregnant lady form, we went out for doughnuts. :)

Thanks for coming, Becca, and thank you for bringing Autumn! It was so much fun talking pregnancy with you and having a wee one in our home. We love having you and we hate when you leave because our house is boring without your little miss. 
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