Monday, August 27, 2012

Blessed to Be Bumpin' It. 26/28 Weeks.

The first photo was taken at 26 weeks, although as of this week we have officially entered the third trimester. 
We are now 28 weeks along.
BamBam loves to grow, as it turns out. ;)

Hmm, what to say about life and pregnancy right now... 
Brian has become really anxious to meet this little person inside of me.
I, on the other hand, am enjoying this time knowing that in less than 3 months everything will change. No longer will caring for BamBam be hands-free and no longer will I have time to do whatever whenever I wish. Don't get me wrong, I am very excited to meet this kid, but I know that life is about to change so I'm soaking up the little things about life as we know it, as a couple. Plus, considering how many projects I plan on accomplishing prior to BamBam's arrival, it's a good thing I have some time left. It is very cute though, hearing Brian talk to BamBam and seeing how much he looks forward to meeting him/her. He is going to be a very loving daddy.

This past week I realized for the first time that this baby is coming and contrary to my belief, it isn't that far off. I've spent the entirety of my pregnancy telling everyone around me how much time I have. I was sure that this baby wasn't due for ages. I mean, seriously, Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the precursor to Christmas and well, if Thanksgiving was ages away Christmas must be forever away. 

I walked through a store's front entrance the other day and wham, autumn and halloween decor in my face!

 In the last several days I have responded to this realization by creating more lists than I think I have recorded in my entire life. (That may be a slight exaggeration. The point: I've gone list-crazy.) There are lists all over our house. An entire section of kitchen counter has been devoted to lists. And, might I add, it is a large section of counter. I have running lists in several different Word documents on my laptop and a minimum of one list can be found in almost every room of our house, with the obvious exception of the bathrooms.

Here's to taking one list at a time and hopefully not overlooking anything crucial...
~a frazzled and completely stable[slightly emotional] but happy mama-to-be :)

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  1. SO HAPPY for you guys...cannot wait to meet "BAM BAM" and find out if what gender this precious miracle from God is!!!

  2. Lookin' good momma! And I'm glad I'm not the only one going crazy on lists... if only the list would accomplish the task, ya know!?!

    1. Thanks, Tess. :) And yes, seriously! If only...

  3. Baby BamBam is looking to be growing nicely and his/her mama is looking have that beautiful mom-to-be glow!! I'm with Brian - I can't wait to meet this precious little one!

  4. Pregnancy does become you!
    Lists are a good thing, especially when you can throw them away b/c the tasks have been completed.

  5. Its funny how pregnancy does that too you! The overwhelming feeling of needing to get everything done gets pretty intense at the end I'm finding!