Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pit Stop in Leavenworth

We took a different route home from camping in EasternWa in order to add interest to the trek. This way we were able to stop, walk around, and grab lunch in Leavenworth. 
The lunch line was forever long so while Brian waited in the heat I ducked into Paprika which turned out to be the cutest store full of perfect gifts for many of my friends and super Megan-ish clothes. I wanted to buy the entire contents of the store and bring it all home with me. But that's what a hoarder would do and a hoarder I can not allow myself to be. Instead I bought nothing because there was no way to choose just one thing.
 Leavenworth is gorgeous.
 This pregnancy has given me a whole new love for lemonade. I.can't.get.enough.
I actually exclaimed, "Thank God for lemonade!" when I saw this sign.
These misters topped off my excitement, as I sat in the shade guzzling my lemonade. Normally I hate misters. The feeling of water misted on my skin is clammy and gross and I always fear damage to my camera. The fact that I was thankful that day for misters indicates how nasty hot it truly was.

 It was hot. I was sweaty and makeup-less with unruly hair. I looked beat.
 But the sweet Bavarian town is completely enchanted, therefore I couldn't help but embrace the role of pregnant tourist. There was no avoiding it, we needed to photograph Babe's first trip to Leavenworth.
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  1. How fun! Glad you guys had an enjoyable lunch pit stop and that the babes was introduced to Leavenworth! :)