Friday, August 10, 2012

Our Annual Camping Trip to Winthrop

True to tradition, this year's HemFam camping trip was filled with sunshine, water fun, memories, and a whole lot of really incredible food.

Puddle Play.
Some see an oyster, I spot butter. All say, "Yum!"
 Sydni kept playing in Luke and Moses' tent throughout the day. Luke kept telling her to get out. In the afternoon the guys cooked oysters and Luke asked Sydni if she'd like one.
  To his surprise, she said, 'Yeah.'
 He told her that if she would eat an oyster only then could she play in the tent.
 Note Luke's disbelief when she happily gobbled down her first oyster. :)
 She didn't get the big deal, but she did enjoy getting to play in the tent. :)
Grandpa Lawrence and Grandma B visited.
As always, each couple was assigned a night on which they were to treat the rest of us to dinner.
~Brian and Tessa's Night~
.Grilled Bacon-wrapped Smokies.
.Loaded [lots of meat!] Chicken Tortilla Soup.
.Baked Potato Soup (with all the toppings).
.really good Garlic Bread.
.Sweet Tea.

Gma B dug right in. :)
One of my favorite things about camping is watching each of our sweet babes, wander one by one out from their respective sleeping places. This was my last year as just an auntie and I enjoyed every single second. I had a greater appreciation knowing that next year I'll be busy being 'mama' to my own little.

Men making breakfast. A 'happiful' sight, as my college friend, Rach, would say. :)
Steamy Sausage!
 ~Dad and Mom's Night~
.Grilled Bacon-wrapped Mini Sausages. (Notice a trend yet?)
.Low Country Boil. (the delicious definition of a one-pot meal)
.Arnold Palmer's.
.Homemade Ice Cream.
It's hard to keep your eyes closed during prayer just moments after watching your nana 
dump a pot of goodness down the center of the table!
~Our Night~
.Smoked Bacon-wrapped Jalapeno Poppers.
.Po Boys featuring [our first attempt at] Fried Catfish.
.Sweet Tea.
.Fruit Pizza [Pioneer Woman style].

Us being posers. Brian, Tess and Co. being hungry. :)
A colorful po boy, complete with Louisana hot sauce. 

More breakfast!
Individual Darigold Chocolate Milks, one of Uncle Bri's contributions.
Frozen Pacific NW berries and whip cream!
Nana was so kind as to bring her waffle iron along and treat us all to berry waffles.
Bold Brewed Coffee+Crispy Bacon+The Great, Sunny Outdoors: 
This is how every day should begin.

Operation Un-wedge Millster:
Millie had a stroller obsession this year. 
Each time someone said, 'Where's Millie?!' She was soon after located happily climbing one of the strollers.
[Note Big Bro Mose standing by, hands on cheeks, concerned.]
 Happy Papa and Nana :)

Moses was anxious to get in the boat with his daddy. :)
 Sydni determined that 2012 was the year to be terrified of the boat. Goofy girl... (She used to love it!)
 Pretty Pedis.
 Flip Flop Tan Lines.
 Remembering our first little buddy...
 Playtime at the beach.
 [Somewhat] leisurely rides on The Ho for the pregnant ladies. ;)
~Luke and Amy's Night~
.BBQ [really well flavored]Pulled Pork Sandwiches.
.Cornbread Salad.
.Sour Cream Slaw.
.Mint Juleps.
.[the best] Dutch Oven Bread Pudding.

 Best Bread Pudding I've ever put in my mouth.
(It became even better with whip cream melted on top.)
A sweet sibling moment. 
 I love that Millie went from playing in the grass to eating a plum, still with grass stuck to her pudgy little fingers.
Kolter makes some seriously beautiful, serious faces.

It was a wonderful trip. Although we realize it will be far more complicated, Brian and I are itching to go again next year, as a little family of three. 
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  1. Oh my!! That seemed like it was a great camping trip :) I love the men cooking breakfast photo the best!! All of their great camping clothes....cut off tee, basketball shorts and camo shorts, t-shirts sticking out from underneath their sweatshirts, and sunglasses on the hat brim....LOVE IT!! It totally reminds me of my family camping trips for sure haha

    1. So glad you appreciated the man picture too! Hope your camping trip was awesome! Must talk soooon!

  2. Thanks for all the great pictures of a fun trip! Kolt is enjoying narrating each photo for me right now. :) He has lots of great memories for sure! And to think that next year will be even more busy with more littles...

  3. Great pics, Meg. Thanks for once again doing a great job of preserving our family memories (and making us look like really good cooks:))

  4. What a fun camping trip!!! Your family eats a lot better than the DeVries' isn't important to this family...but like Wayne says...we never go hungry!! Looks like great weather!!