Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baby Girl's Crib Bedding: Conquered

 My Grandma and I have been hard at work sewing baby bedding and I'm happy to report that my self-imposed deadline has been met. (Niece)Baby Girl's bedding is complete...and darling as ever. (If we do say so ourselves, huh, Grandma?!)
I love the chubby Bohemian elephants!
And the sweet ruffled edge. 
We used Kolt's crib comforter, which he considers an over-sized lovey that must go everywhere he goes, as our inspiration. If Baby Girl is anything like her big brother, Kolter, she's going to adore her comforter.
Oops, Grandma wasn't quite looking at the camera, but the point of the pic was to show off our then nearly finished creations. The ruffled crib skirt turned out pretty cute too. :)
Grandma Jane is the reason this project is complete. She has SKILLS, let me tell you. 

Grandma, thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience and time with me. Thank you for teaching me to sew as a girl and always being willing to guide me through my projects as well as the roadblocks along the way. ;) And thanks for being a night owl! Every time I run into a problem or question and think to myself, 'What time is it? Maybe it's too late to call...' I quickly remember it's you we're talking about and I get right on the phone knowing that no matter how late I stay up, you will have outlasted me. :) Lastly, but very importantly, thank you for our heating pad breaks throughout the process. This pregnant lady can only imagine how much more painful Sciatica would have been without those toasty recliner sits.
I think you're great and I'll love you forever, Grandma. :)
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  1. LOVE!!!!! From one soul friend and her grandma Honey to another soul friend and her grandma Jane, YOU GO LADIES :) These babes are VERY blessed!

  2. I wonder why other professionals don’t notice your website much m glad I found this.

  3. Ahhh, thanks so much Meg and Grandma. Skarlett and I are beyond in love with this bedding. It is out-of-this world adorable. You two are talented.

  4. We used Kolt's crib comforter, which he considers an over-sized lovey that must go everywhere he goes, as our inspiration. If Baby Girl is ...

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  6. Can I ask where you got that elephant fabric? It's beautiful!