Monday, September 3, 2012

Men+Babies and why I need a clone

I've always had a thing for observing other people holding babies. On occasions in the past, when offered an opportunity to hold someone's baby, I have accepted only to shortly after hand the babe to someone else. I do this not because I don't love a good baby snuggle, but because sometimes there just isn't anything like watching someone else love on a little. This is especially true of men. Watching a man love on a baby...oh my, I haven't words.
My previous post combined with Brian's longing to meet our baby has in turn left me longing to watch Brian with our babe. I'm thinking other women must feel this way also, but I can hardly wait to sit back and watch Brian hold our baby for the first time.

I'm not one for trying to copy pictures, but I am a little obsessed with this one. 
It is plain to see (despite her being out of focus in the background) that in this moment this mama identified with what I'm talking about.

My family loves to laugh at how badly I want photos taken in the delivery room. They have tried to assure me that it's amazing, beautiful, indescribable, but in such a way that is frozen in your memory forever, not in a way that you want photographed. I've tried to believe them. Maybe I just don't get it. Maybe you can't get it until you go through it, but part of me still freaks out every time I realize that there won't be anyone present to capture our family becoming three and bonding for the first time. Am I odd (and alone), or has anyone else felt this way?

I'm left to wonder who will take a picture like the one above for me? No one, I guess.

I need a clone...
(Surely that would solve all my problems, right? ;)
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  1. That is a pretty priceless picture. I don't think you can capture that in your mind the way a picture would. Maybe you will have a nurse be on duty that moonlights as a photographer. If I were a gifted photographer I would be SO willing to pop in the room after the baby was born and take one for you. But I'm afraid I wouldn't make it there in time having to come all the way from So. Calif!!
    p.s. I can't wait to see Brian as a daddy too. :-)

  2. Oh Megan, I agree with your family! Definitely not a moment you want a camera going off. :) But at least for me there were a lot of extra medical people in there and they were willing to take a picture when they handed Micah to us, so I'm sure there will be someone who will take a picture when Brian holds the baby for the first time. :) You are too funny! :)

  3. Replies
    1. ha! LOVE! You're always so willing, thank you! Too bad you'll be in Portlandddd...

    2. When that baby comes I will make a trip happen soul friend!!!!!!!!

  4. I would love to be there to take pictures after your baby is born.

  5. Thanks, Barb. We would love to have them. :)

  6. I'm not even pregnant and it's something that I've thought about. The pictures that I took right after Ryder was born are some of my favorite. I say go for it and get the pictures you want :-)

  7. Can Bella Baby come in & take pics?