Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sleepover Shenanigans

Last night Tess and Sydni and Kolt joined us for a sleepover. With two babies on the way, our sleepovers are numbered so we're enjoying relaxing and appreciating the special times we're given together before there are two more. We ate pizza and wings for dinner and indulged in one of Grandma B's apple pies for dessert. We had some strange middle-of-the-night shenanigans including a big someone going outside to "fix" a window screen at 12:30 and a little someone falling out of bed a couple of hours later.

This morning we had monkey bread and pumpkin spice lattes for breakfast. 
(Phone pic.)
Then we played. 
Finally, with camera in hand, we went adventuring around our sweet little town. 
Prior to their departure, Tess and I snapped a prego sister picture. (This is for you, Mom VH.)
I am 32 weeks pregnant, Tess is 30 weeks.

Don't ask me where she puts that sweet baby girl. I can't figure it out. I had no idea two sisters could carry so differently. My Mr. has decided that Tessa's organs must be terribly smooshed considering how little she shows at 30 weeks. We're so excited to meet her baby and for BamBam and Baby Girl to be so close in age. They're going to be BEST FRIENDS. (Whether they like it or not. ;)
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  1. Thanks for the picture!! I LOVE it! That was so much fun to see...I was pretty excited. I'm so glad Tessa consented to a picture with you so we could see you two beautiful "growing sisters"! You both look wonderful!! And I'm sure Brian sleeps better knowing that his wife's organs are not getting smooshed. Gotta love him! He sounds like a smart one....Yep, that's my boy!

  2. I, too, thought that Brian's consideration of my organs was very sweet. :) Made me laugh a bit. Anyhow, your baby bump is extremely lovable, Meg!
    Thanks for the awesome sleepover Uncle Bri and Auntie Meg! We enjoyed ourselves so very much!

  3. Mmm... how dost thou make pumpkin spice lattes?

    1. Well, I began by scouring the internet like a mad lady in search of the perfect recipe. I use this article as a guide.
      I know Starbucks' pumpkin spice well and I would by no means call this recipe a copy cat, but It reminds me more of pumpkin pie than Starbucks' PS sauce. I make mine without the sugar, I substitute the vanilla extract for vanilla syrup (such as Torani or Davinci), and I use pumpkin pie spice to taste. Also, I add extra cinnamon powder. It's delicious.