Saturday, September 22, 2012

BamBam's Crib Bedding: In the Works

BamBam's crib comforter is complete.
All the panels for the crib skirt have been cut, but still need to be sewed. 
Here's a sneak peak of more burnt orange goodness to come...
I recently used a painter's canvas drop cloth from Lowe's to sew a set of pleated curtains for BamBam's closet opening. They create a nice, neutral expanse in a room with a lot of pattern and color going on. I love the calm combo of the white door, cream trim, canvas curtains, and light grey walls.
(Phone pic.)

Also in the works are loveys to match Baby Girl and BamBam's comforters.
(We're hoping matching loveys will keep this round of kiddos from insisting on taking the entire comforter out of the crib, like Kolt does. :)
One by one, this mama-to-be continues checking to-do's off her lists. :)
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  1. You are one creative Mama! It all looks absolutely beautiful!

  2. Do you know if you're having a boy then?

    1. No. Why? Can't a baby girl rock burnt orange minky and turquoise elephants? (If we do have a girl the plan has always been to infuse a bit of magenta throughout her space once she's here. But I think that happens naturally because with girls come so many fabulous pink clothes/accessories/toys.)
      Originally I planned for the nursery to be primarily orange/cream/grey/brown and then to add in either turquoise or magenta depending on gender. But once I got going I realized how well burnt orange and turquoise complement one another, so I followed my heart. I really love the dimension added by the turquoise, rather than *everything* being orange.
      Does it strike you as terribly boyish?

    2. Haha, somehow the picture up there looks like a pink and a blue I was wondering if you knew. But, I'm guessing it's going to be a surprise then? :)
      I think the Orange/Turquiose is fabulous and not boyish at all.

    3. Aaaaah.. not what I meant. Very unisex :)

    4. A surprise it is! And it's going to be a good one. We can't wait to meet this little face. :)