Monday, October 22, 2012

Blessed to be Bumpin' It. 36 Weeks.

(Photo taken with my friend, Linds, on my phone at 35.5 weeks.)

I had my 36 week appointment today. We are measuring "normal." (36 centimeters at 36 weeks.) My Dr. wasn't sure whether it was a head or a bum that she was feeling at the bottom of my belly so I was able to have another ultrasound. It had been a long time since our 20 week ultrasound and I was grateful to score another look inside myself. It was confirmed that BamBam is officially head down (good news!) and let me assure you, he/she is still as cute as can be!

In the wardrobe department, my stretchy, low-rise yoga pants aren't even an option anymore. Wearing them is terribly uncomfortable. It makes me feel ill and leaves a big [itchy!] red ridge through the bottom of my baby belly. In order to wear them comfortably, they'd have to be rolled over so many times half of my booty would be uncovered! I had begun to wonder why other girls could wear pre-pregnancy pants throughout their pregnancy, but I couldn't. When my Dr. went to measure my belly, she was shocked at how low our baby's head is inside of me. Seeing her genuine surprise at just how low I am carrying made me feel a lot less crazy (and like there is a reason my pants don't fit!)
All of this to say, my 36 week appointment was a favorite. Not only was I given the gift of a peek inside myself, but my Dr. explained that carrying so low means a lot of pressure down there. (I thought to myself, "Yeah, tell me about it, Lady.") The good news is that apparently all that pressure should be helping to expedite the process...She seems to know what she's talking about, hopefully she's right. :) 

Sometimes I feel like growing a little human is such a crazy business, but on days like today I can't get over how natural it seems to be. Again, God really knows what He's doing. :)

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