Monday, October 15, 2012

Inspired Indeed.

After attending Ruffles and Rust this spring with two of my aunts and realizing how enchanted it is, I recruited my mom and Tess to join in the fun for the fall market. Ruffles and Rust is a biannual "vintage market to inspire," and inspire it does. The hubs fed us pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for breakfast. It was so delicious we almost forgot we needed to get ready and go. When we remembered why we were together we each scurried off down the hall to get dressed. We had to laugh when we realized how perfectly coordinated we were. Before leaving the little people with my Mr. and heading out the door, we paused for this pic.
MamaTess: 32.5 weeks, MamaMeg: 34.5 weeks

I loved this sign. So Meganish! 
My mom assured me that I didn't need to buy it, "Everyone already knows you have more ideas than you know what to do with without having to read it on a sign in your home." she said. :)

Hours later we returned home with our goods.
A quick little display of some of our pretty new things grouped together.

Who doesn't need a sparkly 'A' and a couple of matching wire thingy-muh-bobs?!

We've needed a new end table since The Mr. crashed through my previous one. I knew this one was the winner the moment my eyes spotted it.
 It's taken up residence here and settled right into it's new role holding reading material and my current hand-sewing projects.
I keep photos of BamBam nearby. 
My little projects are powered by big inspiration.

 We love our wood-burning fireplace but without a poker it just wasn't as much fun. I was thrilled to at last have found an affordable set of tools that was not new and shiny...and came with a poker!
(It's the little things, people. :)

Until I scored this sweet dresser, I had not one drawer in the nursery. It was about to be a problem. Now however, the problem has been solved. It's quite cute, I'd say.
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  1. It was such a fun day! Thanks for living so close, I'm looking forward to the next one.

    1. Yes! Glad to hear you're wanting to go again!

  2. Fun! Next time you're in CA come decorate my house ok? ;).

    1. Kassi, What are you talking about?! From what I've seen of your house it looks great. :) I'm flattered though, thanks for being sweet.

  3. Fun times for sure! Definitely needs to become a tradition!

    1. Agreed! So glad you think so! :)