Saturday, October 13, 2012

CA for Rob & Carrie's Wedding

Our time in CA was full and fun.

A few highlights...
Brian enjoyed a Dodger's game in the company of his dad and brother. We had countless meals and a couple of coffee dates with friends and family. We went to the guys' softball game, ate froyo, and hung out in the pool with Brian's mom. Brian's mom and I got our nails done and Brian and his dad rode bike. Oh, and I watched my first presidential debate! I've always avoided things of the sort in the past and I hesitate to admit how interested I found myself, once I began listening. (I don't normally fancy politics.) We spent a lot of time with family. I was able to meet quite a few family members that live elsewhere but, like us, had traveled to SoCal for Brian's brother's wedding.

Catching up with dear college friends, Lorah and Rach.
(I missed the braided brown skinny belt memo.)
We spent an afternoon in Laguna Beach with Brian's parents. 
Being there always brings me back to our dating days, although this particular trip was a bit less freeing thanks to my "inner heater" and my bladder's seemingly constant need to find a restroom.

Brian and his grandparents, happy to be together. :)

We ate jambalaya at Lucille's, which we require of ourselves each time we visit. LOVE that place.

 Brian's sister, Tracie, and [Bro-in-law]Robert after breakfast at Flo's.
Breakfast at Flo's is one of Brian's must-do's each time we visit.

The wedding ceremony was outside surrounded by Temecula vineyards and wineries. Beautiful!


Brian on the dance floor never fails to be entertaining.

Happy to be 33.5 weeks along and still feeling pretty great...but really sick of hearing how big my belly is. Our time in CA brought about a new countdown of half weeks.


 [Bride]Carrie and I

[Groom]Rob and Brian

Congratulations Rob and Carrie!!! We love you guys!
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  1. This just makes me so happy! What a great summary of our wonderful time with you and Brian. The pictures are just fabulous...I really love the ones of you and Brian at the wedding. You both look great! And Tracie's expression on the one with Brian dancing is perfect! We did pack a lot of fun and made some wonderful memories during your time here. It was a very special time...I loved every minute of it!!