Friday, October 19, 2012

Crazy Children.

Tonight my siblings had a birthday party to attend which meant we got their kiddos. These little goofs are mighty comfortable at their Papa and Nana's house and the four of them together make for a wild, humorous, loud, and very busy time. Despite living two hours away, I still manage to see them quite often but it's always in the midst of everything else going on. It was a blast to have them all to ourselves with nothing but pizza and playing on the agenda. Before I know it, my own hands will be full and it won't be as simple as it is now to just be Auntie Meg. I'm sure to each of them it was just another fun evening at Papa and Nana's, but it was a special night for this sentimental auntie. 


Unfortunately I didn't get a picture to prove it, but Millie was big time buddies with Uncle Bri all night.  It was SO cute. Finn hated having to share Brian. The poor little guy has no idea how much we're about to rock his world with a baby... :S
Kolt and Papa playing rough.
Millie intrigued by pictures of herself on Nana's camera.
Sydni being sweet. 
Silly mr. Mose.

Coffee Table Craziness.

Aren't they so funny?!
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  1. Thanks for helping Mom and Dad watch the crazies! :) It was really great to have a night out!