Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day #1 Where the Pirates Prance, Prowl 'n Play

Brian and I went to see ms. Janna in Spokane. Her life at Whitworth has become so much of who she is. She graduates in just a couple short months and I had to see her there, in her other home. I had to meet all these people in her life; people I felt I'd know since our freshman year of college when Janna and I first launched what could practically be a career of looong phone convos from states apart. (Shoot, too bad that's not a legit career, huh, Janna? We could be really good at getting paid to continue doing so. ;) I had to venture over to her turf before this chapter of her life closes and she moves on.
Janna, I know (trust me, I know) it would be nice to know where God is about to take you. What you will be doing, if you will be moving home or somewhere new, who you will be serving...etc. Just like you, I don't have all the answers, here's what I do know.
You are a blessing. 
God is using you to bless the lives of everyone around you.
Your light shines so bright.
He has BIG PLANS for you, Lady!
I'm praying for you as you finish strong and look forward to what ever it is the future holds!!!

Brace Yourself.
Craaaaaaaaaazy many pictures of our adventuring in Spokane.

Peering over the edge of the falls that run right through downtown...
Gorgeous sunbeams steaming through the cut-outs in the bridge onto the water below.
Yes, I do have a mane.
Yes, I do kiss my dog in public.
Yes, I do have a goofy hubs.

These are my boys.
This is my family.
This is our life.
(: We love our life together, especially when on vaca. :)
She's a beauty, that one. Inside and out. This is a fact.
My first time at PF Chang's.
I've always wanted to pose by the horse, never dreamed it would be in Spokane.
Us, with a couple of ms. Janna's friends.
About to enjoy our mondo community desserts!
After dinner the girls headed back to campus.
Brian and I wandered aimlessly around downtown Spokane.
It was lovely.
My Mr., a Mac man, representin'.
Me and quite possibly the cutest dress EVER.

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  1. so fabulous....i LOVED hearing about your trip my dear!!