Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Little Lady Friend

Tonight my little lady friend, Anika, and I had a sweet Saturday night date.
Here's how things went down...
[Captured by my cell's RetroCam.]
We played in checked on her 'rents newly planted garden.
We resisted the temptation to eat ate dirt.
We investigated the backyard in great detail.
Every nook 'n cranny.
Every single one.
We got 'em all covered. :)
We ate dinner, but there was no time for pictures, we were busy.
We went for a stroll and found our happy little selves in Fred Meyer's flower section.
So many pretties to admire!
So many "UH_OH!"'s to exclaim whenever "Meh" (that's me) accidentally underestimated the width of the stroller and ran over a stray blossom or two. Whoops!
Next stop: Sbux. We forgot to document this part of our date. There was simply too much socializing to do, too many people to greet, and with such enthusiasm!
Following our coffee date, we continued our walk and once again found ourselves home. We played outside, this time in the front yard.
We found some dandy 'toys' in the garage.
Watched the neighbor kids.
Played Hide-and-Seek.
Next thing on the itinerary: Bath Time!!!
She's thirsts!
She is...
...the thirstiest person...
...I ever did meet.
Post bath snuggles with Bunny on her fave oh-so-cozy sheep rug.
Sleep tight, Little Lady! "Meh" loves you!
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  1. Oh, this post honestly made me tear up. The photos are beautiful! We are SO thankful for you! Thanks for loving our little treasure so much! I am positive our little lady had just as much fun with her "Meh!" as you had with her. I can't wait to repay the favor with little VandenBaby soon!!!

  2. Wow! If I had a babysitter like you when my kids were little I think they would have been begging me to go away more often! What a fun and adventurous time the two of you had. Thanks for sharing and allowing us a peek into your special Saturday night "date". :)

  3. Ms. Anika is so precious. :) What a fun date!